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Board Meeting Minutes | 2 January 2012

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Meeting held at Hillsborough Stadium at 5pm on 2 January 2012


RICH DAVIES (RD) (Director)
HELEN HUDSON (HH) (Director)
PAUL HOLMES (PH) (Director)


1. Apologies
Apologies were received from David Blunkett (DB), Dave Barlow (DAB), John Gath (JG), Andrew Atterbury (AA)

2. Matters Arising:
• Postponed item about presentation from Spencer Taylor to be moved to February meeting. NS gave a brief outline of what might be covered. Agreed that EH would show his presentation too.

• NS reported that there does not seem to be an issue with the Coaching Scheme operated by Steve Adams . PH outlined what Steve is doing in the primary schools he is working in and ensures that there is no clash with SWFC Community programme.

• Still not a complete response to the request for car park key holders information. Action: NS to contact Marc Duffy and DB. DB and JW to list who at SWFC has been issued with a key.

• Action: NS and PH to talk to the member who had a car park problem.
• Action: EH to look into the scarf proposal.
• Action: HH to check with Niagara about notice board.
• Agreed that there would be no admission charge for members of other Football Trusts on production of their membership cards when visiting the Lounge following an invite to attend. 
• Action: HH to prepare a Smile paragraph for the programme notes.
• Action: HH to post the Volunteer Induction document on the SWSS forum.
• Action: RD to organise the routing of PO Box mail to new address.

3. Communications and Correspondence
RD - has talked to Wednesday Cricket Club about assistance with Marsden Trophy event at Easter and sponsorship of the Cricket Club for next year. Agreed to sponsors shirts for next season. 
Action RD to progress this and to liaise with SWFC Ladies about the results of our sponsorship of them.
RD - reported on his communication with a fan who needs wheelchair access. Unfortunately we are unable to help as we do not have Smile tickets for the wheelchair area at present.
EH - passed on thanks from the club about our contributions to the award winning match day programme.
PH following up on the report of the meeting with Lindleys about catering. Matters haven't improved and we have had further complaints. Action: Use the forum to discuss collecting information on what progress (if any) has been made and prepare for a further meeting. Hopefully involve participation from some fans.

4. Reports and Updates from Working Groups with requests for any decisions required from the Board:

Treasurer’s Report (PH)
PH reported the current state of the accounts.
NS asked for payment forms to be used to account for amounts paid in from the various sources. Action EH to post a suitable form on the forum in time for the net lounge and car park.

Web Site / Email Newsletter (RD/EH)
RD - several blogs coming in and Twitter link now working again.
PH asked if we could link Facebook/Twitter to Events in Eventbrite. EH to look into this. 
NS asked if weekly newsletteris linked to Facebook and Twitter as well as web site.
NS asked for a piece about SA and a feature on Smile to be to be posted on the web site.
NS to write a blog article for the web site.

Car Park (JW/DAB)
Nothing further to report.

Coach (JW)
JW thanked PH for the all the extra work put in for the Preston trip. NS agreed and commented on how easy and efficient the admin was when using the spreadsheets prepared for the coaches.
PH asked for phone numbers to be included in the coach seat booking.
RH commented on the positive feedback we have received.
NS suggested a thank-you letter to Linbergs.
It was agreed that we should seek volunteers to steward the coaches. RD to post an appropriate article on the web site. It was proposed and agreed unanimously (JW abstained) that anyone who could commit to stewarding regularly for the rest of the season, should be offered free travel.

There was then some discussion about coaches for the Chesterfield match and the possibility of arranging a special travel event. PH/JW to investigate further.

Lounge (RD/JG)
About 80 participants. Bar queue was a bit long but not more than would be expected at a pub bar. This will be fed back to the bar staff. HH/EH said that the food was excellent this week. Action: to promote the lounge more on Twitter and Facebook. It was agreed that at the West Ham game, there should be a 'bring a friend for free' offer.

Programme Notes (EH)
Need more stories. RD offered to provide some pictures.

Events (NS)
First Wednesday for February has been booked. Confirmed as a Captains's Night with John Pearson as mc. Lee Bullen has agreed to take part. NS to progress this. EH to prepare a leaflet as soon as more details have been confirmed.

Further suggestion for a possible 'Evening with ....' event in April.

Smile Tickets (HH)
HH suggested that the Smile packs should start next season.
PH asked if the artwork for the bottles had been approved. HH said that nothing had been received.
Lists of recipient organisations for next season are well under way.
HH not yet received any nominations from the fan base. It was suggested that this should be pushed.
NS proposed a football club as a deserving recipient of tickets for some of their participants. It was agreed to offer tickets to this organisation in January. 
HH to talk to SWFC about having the tickets available so that they are not being collected from the ticket office on match day.

EH reported on the membership figures. NS asked about the drop out rate. EH said this was low. The membership process is being overhauled ready for the changed arrangements for next season. At the same time, we should be looking at service offers, membership packs and the subscription rate.

Currently we are offering to extend to the end of this season, any membership which expires between now and the end of the season. 
NS suggested the use of a pin badge rather than the membership card - with a change in design each season.
EH to present proposals for membership arrangements at the next meeting.
NS requested that we look into a CRM system which is better than the InTouch system we no longer use.

5. Brentford Away
Deferred to next meeting due to DAB’s absence

6. Business Club Update
Deferred to next meeting due to DAB’s absence

7. Volunteers (HH/DAB)
Nothing further to report beyond what has been covered.

8. AOB
NS appealed for everyone to make an effort to get things moving again in the new year.
NS reported that Peter Shaw (PS) has offered to return especially with respect to fund raising. It was proposed and agreed unanimously that PS should be co-opted back onto the SWSS Board.

9. Date of Next Meeting
It was suggested that we should meet in the evening of 6th February 2012 at 7p.m. at the Niagara.

Meeting closed at 6:40 pm.

Note that if any headed section includes ‘(abridged)’ then that section of the Minutes differs from the official Society version of the Minutes in order to protect confidentiality or sensitive information, where considered to be in the Society’s interests at this point in time.

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