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Board Meeting Minutes | 6 February 2012

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Held at the Niagara Social Club at 7 p.m. on 6 February 2012

RICH DAVIES (RD) (Director)
JOHN GATH (JG) Director)
PAUL HOLMES (PH) (Director)
HELEN HUDSON (HH) (Director)- via phone link

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from David Blunkett (DB), Dave Barlow (DAB), Andrew Atterbury (AA)

2. SWFC New Development
Spencer Taylor apologised for being unable to attend. It was agreed that NS would give a summary of the proposed development by the SWFC Community Programme of the facility on the old Presto site. It was agreed that we should look at the possibilities for co-operation with and support from SWSS. Questions and discussions should be posted on the forum.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

- PH reported on a conversation with Steve Adams (SA) last week. SA at Malin Bridge School this week. NS to talk to SA.
- Car park key holders - NS to contact Marc Duffy. 
- Scarf proposal - EH to talk to SWFC representative to see what the prospects are.
- HH to look at purchase of notice board.
- HH is gathering material for Smile article.
- HH has Volunteer Induction document ready to go on the SWSS forum.
- Membership - details for next year's membership to be presented at the next meeting so that launch can be planned.
- Brentford Weekend Trip - It was agreed to drop this from the programme of events.

4. Communications and Correspondence
EH has been in discussion with SWFC about possible arrangements for the Sheffield derby match.

PH reported a conversation with John Rutherford (JR) about use of our car park during the daytime prior to the Blackpool cup replay.

JW has been in contact with Derbyshire police about arrangements for the Park and Ride for the Chesterfield match.

NS has spoken to JR about events at the match at Blackpool. NS has also spoken to the Football Supporters Federation about it. A reply has been received today from Blackpool FC which states that so far they have not received any complaints. The letter questions Wednesdayite's role and suggests that we are making unsubstantiated allegations. It indicates that they will only deal with official bodies and so will not discuss the matter further with us.

NS will be collating information from our fans. PH has some further information from the father of the lad who was ejected.

NS has also written to Blackpool Council about safety issues. The reply also says that they will not deal with us over the matter.

It was suggested that we should point out to BFC that we are collating fans comments and questions in an attempt to help the situation. It was agreed that NS will write again to BFC.

NS has talked to Wednesday Cricket Club about assistance with Marsden Trophy event at Easter and sponsorship of the Cricket Club for next year. Agreed to sponsors shirts for next season. 

NS has obtained a quote for a flag or banner for the derby match. It was suggested that if substantial funds are needed, it would be better to go for something which could be used on more than one occasion. There was some discussion on appropriate messages on banners and flags. 

We have received a request for further discussion with the Wednesday Cricket Club about the Tom Marsden Trophy. It was agreed that Nev. Wright should be invited to address this at the start of next Board Meeting.

5. Reports and Updates from Working Groups with requests for any decisions required from the Board:
- Treasurer’s Report (PH):

PH presented details of the current state of the bank account, funds due and owing and payments to be made (- figures to be posted on the forum) and the proceeds of the recent coach trips.

- Web Site / Email Newsletter (RD/EH):
NS commented on the positive feedback we are getting from the email newsletters.

EH reported on the email and Twitter traffic which is developing very well.

It was agreed that we should approach the club about facilities in the press box.

EH reported that he had received an offer of help looking at the web site.

- Car Park (JW/DAB):
JW asked that we should consider obtaining a couple of 'Sail' banners for the car park entrance. It was agreed that we should go with this. EH to obtain a template and prepare a suitable design.

- Coach (JW):
Quotes have been obtained for Everton if needed. Agreed to use more than one company for this. The Eventbrite system has been set up ready to go live as soon as we know the result of the replay.

Current policy on coach bookings is to not to allow reservations until four days after advanced payment bookings. Reservations (to pay later) should be made on-line with the commitment to pay even on no-show.

- Lounge (RD/JG):
RD reported that we purchased two small table football games for use by kids in the lounge. HH was asked to sort out a notice board asap. EH offered an easel as a temporary notice board. JG agreed to produce a note for the tables informing customers that the room costs us £1 a head.

NS asked if we could check the capacity before the Steel City Derby. Admission to the lounge will be for members and signed in guests only. RD was asked to confirm the breakfast arrangements. It was agreed that breakfasts will have to be pre-ordered with tickets via Eventbrite.

- Programme Notes (EH):
Nothing to report.

- Events (NS):NS reported the success of the February Hirsty's Bar. It was agreed that the next one will be a Goalie's Night on 4th April. It was also agreed to run a book signing event.

- Smile Tickets (HH):
HH asked for more promotion for nominations on Twitter and Facebook. HH offered to provide re-wording for the Smile section of the web site. NS asked for an article for the match day programme notes.

NS suggested that we should post details on the forum to show ticket availability for each match so that we can all help to promote.

HH reminded us that we do not have access to disabled spaces. HH to contact the club to get an up-date on potential recipients.

6. Car Park Rota
A rota for locking up the car park after matches was agreed for the rest of the season.

JW raised the problem of people not leaving the car park until long after the match. It was agreed that additional signs should be obtained to emphasise the need to remove vehicles in time and that the car park will be locked one hour after the end of the match. 

It was also agreed that there should be no arbitrary prices for parking. Apart from season permits the parking charge is members £4 and non member £5 with no exceptions for press or other visitors.

7. 2012 Election Process
JG raised the requirement for an Election Management Group to be organised soon and agreed to contact the member who had taken on this role for the past few seasons.

8. AOB
JW asked for some more signs - one for the area set aside for disabled fans and a 'No parking beyond this point'.

JG reminded us that we had previously discussed a Life Membership. It was agreed to offer this award and EH agreed to contact the person.

9. Date of Next Meeting
Saturday 10th March 2012 at 5p.m. following the Bournemouth match.

Meeting closed at 9 p.m.


Note that if any headed section includes ‘(abridged)’ then that section of the Minutes differs from the official Society version of the Minutes in order to protect confidentiality or sensitive information, where considered to be in the Society’s interests at this point in time.

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