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Board Meeting Minutes | 10 March 2012

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Held on 10 March 2012 at 5pm in the Quixall Lounge at SWFC

DAVE BARLOW (DAB) (Director)
DAVID BLUNKETT (DB) (Honorary President)
RICH DAVIES (RD) (Director)
JOHN GATH (JG) Director)
PAUL HOLMES (PH) (Director)
HELEN HUDSON (HH) (Director)


1. Apologies
Apologies were received from Andrew Atterbury (AA), Peter Shaw (PS) and Darryl Keys (DK)

NS reported that he had talked to AA who was considering his commitments. It was agreed that if AA decides that he wishes to stand down, we should advertise for a new Secretary as soon as possible.

It was then agreed to change the agenda order and discuss items 5, 6 and 7 first as some members needed to leave early.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising:

JW suggested that when the draft minutes are posted, colleagues should post an acknowledgement that they have read them and flag up any matters arising. Agreed.

Safety concerns pre- post and during the match at Blackpool had been raised with the football club and with other football authorities.

RD agreed to pick up enquiries@ emails.

It was agreed to provide the funds for the Wednesday Cricket Club for their Tom Marsden Trophy.

3. Communications and Correspondence
DAB reported receiving an email containing an audio file which he will pass on.

NS reported a communication following the sacking of Gary Megson. Following discussion, a response was agreed and NS will reply. 

PH has received a complaint from a local resident about walking his dog on the car park. PH has offered to speak to the person concerned.

4. Reports and Updates from Working Groups with requests for any decisions required from the Board:
- Treasurer’s Report (PH):
PAH has posted the current state of the bank account and funds on the directors forum.

- Web Site / Email Newsletter (RD/EH)
Lots of traffic for the press releases following last weeks events. Over 7000 Twitter followers.

- Car Park (JW/DAB):
Car park is in need of a tidy up. DAB said that it should be possible for a few people to do this and it was suggested that it could be done after the Preston game.

- Coach (JW):
Bookings proceeding well. Coach stewards were asked to try to encourage membership using the special offer to the end of the season.

- Lounge (RD/JG):
RD reported that the lounge was busy again today. NS raised a complaint about the increasing prices for food.

- Programme Notes (EH):
Nothing reported. A request was made for the programme notes to be posted on the forum prior to submitting.

- Events (NS):
NS reported that the Goalie's Night on 4th April was still booked but that he had not been able to progress it. He asked for assistance with this.

An end of season members social evening on 2nd May was suggested. This will be looked into. 

- Smile Tickets (HH):
Nothing reported.

5. Charity Bike Ride
As PS was not present, PH reported on the planning for the 2012 Bike Ride. It is scheduled to start immediately after the match at Brentford on 28 April with three overnight stops finishing at Bluebell Wood hopefully in mid afternoon on Tuesday 1 May. Bluebell Wood is the chosen recipient charity. 

Hotel Rooms have been booked and the Justgiving web site (which includes a text donation facility) has been set up. It was agreed to concentrate on the on-line/text donation facility rather than paper donation forms. This simplified Gift Aid. It was agreed to have some magnetic signs to be made for the support vehicle to include the donation site and text number. PR should start asap on this.

6. 2012 Elections
We have a volunteer to start the Election Management Group and EH agreed to act as Liaison Officer.

It is necessary to set the date of the AGM and then build the election timetable around that. It was agreed to aim for 11 July for the AGM. JG was asked to give an outline timescale.

7. Re-Branding
It was again agreed that the way forward is to widen the membership of the organisation by seeking to involve other SW fans organisations who can then participate directly in developing the organisation in an inclusive manner. Apart from the formal groups such as SODA, Wise Old Owls and London Owls, there is interest from fans in different parts of the country for some form of regional participation.

There was a long discussion on what the message should be and how it should be delivered. One suggestion was to change our board structure to encourage participation from other groups . Another suggestion was to use the co-opt process first to bring in willing representatives from other groups first so that they could share in the re-shaping activity.

The discussion then moved on to what is offered to members and what could be developed. NS reported on discussions he has had with the SW Community Programme about what co-operative actions are possible in return for a sharing of our income from membership subscriptions. One result of this, in addition to benefits to members, could be for SWSS to become a Patron of the Community Programme.

The proposed points system for ticket allocation was discussed. 

There was a request for more information about meetings with club staff to be posted on the forum in advance to allow for input from board members.

8. AOB
It was agreed that a new page should be set up on the web site for contacts from fans from different regions or organisations.

9. Date of Next Meeting
Monday 2nd April 2012 at 7p.m. at the Niagara.

Meeting closed at 7.30 p.m.



Note that if any headed section includes ‘(abridged)’ then that section of the Minutes differs from the official Society version of the Minutes in order to protect confidentiality or sensitive information, where considered to be in the Society’s interests at this point in time.

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