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Board Meeting Minutes | 31 May 2012

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held at the Mega Centre at 6.30pm on 31st May 2012

JOHN GATH (JG) (Director)
PAUL HOLMES (PH) (Director)
DARRYL KEYS (DK) (Director - via Skype) 


1. Welcome and Introductions - Apologies
Nigel Short (NS), Eddie Hoyland (EH) , Helen Hudson (HH), Andrew Atterbury (AA), Peter Shaw (PS) – Darryl Keys (DK) attended via Skype – Paul Holmes stood in as Chair

2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising (10)
Minutes agreed, no matters arising

3. Reports of any communications not reported on the forum (10)
RD/DAB went to Supporters' Direct meeting at Chesterfield FC. RD has posted training events coming up – 15th July for Secretaries, 22nd July for Board Members.

JW has been in touch with Alistair to update addresses, would like meeting with Board to discuss coaches for 2012/13 season.

4. Reports and Updates from Working Groups

Treasurers Report – PH
Has had email from SWFC regards an invoice from 2010 which has appeared, for leaflets printed in June 2010, awaiting more details through post

Latest payouts:
Linbergs – £xxx
Supporters Direct – £xxx
Printing costs - £xxx
Niagara - £xxx
Stotts - £xxx, £xxx
Linbergs - £xxx
Agreement reached that finance practices to be discussed at next meeting

Web Site / Email Newsletter - RD/EH
Lots of people wanting to blog for Wednesdayite next season. Need disclaimer in regards to Lord Hillsborough podcasts on website, but agreement reached for podcast to have more prominence on website. Over 8000 followers on Twitter.

Car Park - JW/DAB
Industrial weed killer being spread late July, tidy up on 4th August. Question raised by member about holes in car park, RD to contact member for more details. 

Pricing for 2012/13 – agreement for RD to put holding page on website mentioning pricing being organised and new tickets should be available from 1st July.

Coach – JW
Very successful, 4 to 1 game, 5 to Preston. Often taking more coaches than club. JW has been in touch with Stotts, Linbergs and Johnsons’ for next seasons away games. 

Discussed ‘early bird coach’ – may be difficult to organise due to away coach regulations, which stipulate earliest arrival times and distances for stopping before matches. Park and Ride suggested for Barnsley away. DAB to look at fixtures when released to decide on which games to run ‘Early Bird’ to. Cut off age for ‘Early Bird’ will be 18, no Juniors as will be stopping at pubs pre-match.

Loyalty scheme was fairly successful, 6 people made claims for it.

Lounge - RD/JG
RD has spoken to Matt Lemm re Lounge for next season, will get in touch again once fixtures have been released.

Programme Notes - EH
Congratulations and thanks to EH for programme notes produced over the season.

Events – NS
Agreement that we need an event to go to the AGM with. DAB mentioned the lack of ‘free’ members meetings. JG suggested that we have an events committee which would only need 1 director on board. Suggestion made we organise a showing of the Wycombe game at the Niagara on the big screen. Also suggested was having the AGM pre-West Brom pre-season friendly, also at the Niagara

Smile Tickets – HH
Waiting for HH to update on forum.

5. Supporters Direct - RD (5)
Already discussed during meeting.

6. 2012 Elections - All (5)
3 people have put names forward. RD will be restanding.

7. 2012/13 Membership - EH (15)
Suggestions made by EH on forum, including 2012/13 badges. Discussed posting everything to members, which would be unfeasible due to basic costs of postage. JG suggested that membership packs should be collected from the Lounge as a ‘lure’ to get them to use the facilities. Concerns raised about t-shirts in getting sizes, postage or collection, with minimum order of 1000 in varying sizes to keep costs down. PH noted that will still have wastage involved. Membership breakdown as packs 50p/£1, Oyster Card 37p, pin badge 32p, community passes £5, t-shirt £2.

JG suggested we send the t-shirts out to members at Christmas instead of including them in packs. Agreement to discuss this further on forum – PH to post.

JW has been in touch with McDonalds who will give membership cards to go in Oyster Card wallet. Offering discounts on breakfasts during week, also offering free fries with burgers purchased on match days.

8. AOB 
DAB suggested having a monthly presence in the Green ‘Un – tried before, very little feedback from it, currently has circulation of 7000.

DAB suggested a one-off friendly game against United fans – DAB to investigate further for next meeting. PH mentioned fans game already taking place on 2nd June - http://www.sheffieldfansderby.co.uk/home.htm.

DS mentioned contact made with Utah Owl – discussed on forum. DS mentioned contact made with Andy Dakin who NS will also be in touch with. Basics is loyalty scheme/points card for getting utilities/internet/telecoms from one place. PH pointed out that Npower have rights to utilities.

RD – Funday on July 14th at Club. Membership leaflets to be organised in time to be handed out on day.

9. Next meeting
Tuesday 26th June, 7pm, Niagara



Note that if any headed section includes ‘(abridged)’ then that section of the Minutes differs from the official Society version of the Minutes in order to protect confidentiality or sensitive information, where considered to be in the Society’s interests at this point in time.

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