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Board Meeting Minutes | 26 June 2012

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held at the Niagara at 7pm on 26th June 2012

ANDREW ATTERBURY (Board Secretary)
PAUL HOLMES (PH) (Director)

1. Welcome and Introductions
- Apologies – Helen Hudson (HH), John Gath (JG), Peter Shaw (PS)

2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising
Minutes agreed, no matters arising

3. Reports of any communications not reported on the forum
PH – has been in touch with John Rutherford to open Car Park for Olympic Flame – 2 car used it despite being made public it would be available.

4. Reports and Updates from Working Groups
- Treasurers Report – PH
Payments have been made this month to:

Wednesday Cricket Club, Stotts, Niagara, Steve Adams, Peter Shaw, 9 Telecom (for 0845 number) and Helen Hudson.

PH to organise management report for the AGM covering all events.

- Web Site / Email Newsletter - RD/EH
Website – EH to look at refreshing this for the new season and give it a new look. 
Twitter – Have around 8000 followers. RD/EH to look into converting these followers into members, perhaps asking what stops them from being a member. 
Newsletter – Continuing for next season. EH to organise a special to launch the new membership pack with and also 1 to launch the new season. Podcast – NS suggested we try to get player interviews involved if we are hosting this on our website and to give it a more prominent location on the site.

- Car Park - JW/DAB
98 season tickets sold so far, car park will hold maximum of 250 cars. PH to investigate costing of proper white line marking so we can instruct people to park in marked areas only and update findings on Forum. 

JW to find out if any additional signage is needed and update NS who will then purchase.

Agreement that Gary Steers to receive a season ticket in lieu of being a car parking steward for the forth coming season. NS to contact Gary to discuss.

- Coach – JW
NS distributed quotes received from Johnsons, Linburgs and Stotts for next season. Preference for Johnsons/Linburgs as these work out cheaper for members. This was voted on and agreed on proviso that Johnson’s look at their Cardiff quote again as massively over pricing for other 2 companies. 

Club will be running their own coaches next season so no longer need to meet with us to discuss. Agreement that non-member pricing will be adjusted to match those of the Club, with members saving £46 over the season. 

DAB to investigate ‘Weekender’ for Brighton/Palace away. “Early Bird” suggestions were Derby, Palace, Wolves and Ipswich.

- Lounge - RD/JG
Niagara not available for Tuesday’s next season. DAB suggested contacting The Railway to hire their function room as an alternate. Lounge is booked into the Niagara for every Saturday game next season although using the smaller rooms for the first 3 home games. RD to contact The Railway.

AA to contact opposition Trusts and invite to lounge pre-match, making clear will need to provide proof of membership, entry fees (£1) and ask for a reciprocal agreement. Also to make use of car park.

- Events – NS
RD to check if Niagara is available prior to West Brom game for AGM, NS to check with John Rutherford if ok to show Promotion DVD.

- Smile Tickets – HH
Waiting for HH to update on forum

Trevdi Picture – pledges now reached £2000 mark with prints costing £10 each + postage. JW suggested we get David Hirst to sign copies and make them available at the AGM for extra. NS to take this forward.

5. AGM - EH
This will be held on 4th August prior to the West Brom pre-season friendly at the Niagara Lounge. Suggested start time of 1pm, with DVD of promotion season showing from 12.30pm. New Rules to go on website for a resolution to be voted on at the meeting. RD will be re-standing. EH to check on nominations and applications. 

Regional member groups having a Wednesdayite Board member also to be discussed at AGM.

6. 2012 Elections - All
So far no new directors have been nominated

7. 2012/13 Membership - EH
New pin badge was voted on and agreed by all present. 

NS has been in touch with Merlin Software who can do the membership packs for next season. Will be an internet based software package which stores data against each member for events they book. Costings will be 5% of the event ticket, £750 one off fee for the software itself which can be spread over a number of seasons. 

Merlin will take care of posting out member packs and can include anything we need for 5p handling charge.

2012/13 stickers to follow same design as pin badges which RD will price up.

NS proposed we take things forward with Merlin, this was voted on and agreed by all present. 

EH to take things forward with Owen at Merlin Software in order to get things ready for a 1st July launch date.

Member pack to consist of:
Car Sticker, Pin Badge, Member card, Card Holder, with discounts at McDonalds on Penistone Road, Java Lounge, Away Coaches, Car Park, Wednesdayite Lounge and Lindley’s Events @ SWFC. 

Agreed that membership would be £10 for the season with the member year running 1st July to 30th June. 

Affiliate groups to have 50 members before being able to nominate a person to be co-opted onto main SWSS board.

EH proposed that, as a good will gesture, we match fund affiliate flags. This was voted on and agreed.

8. A.O.B.
JW – Away Coach MoM awards – EH to update plate with winners for the last 2 seasons. NS to contact Doncaster Rovers to make arrangements for Tommy Spurr to be awarded his trophy for 2008 season. Agreement that votes to be pooled from all coaches for next season.

AA – Board meetings – agreement reached that this would be organised on a month-by-month basis so as to avoid disruptions going forward and having to change dates or cancel meetings at short notice.

AA – UK Soccer Shop – have been in contact, want to work with us to create t-shirts for members to be made available via their website with some stock being made available for sale at the lounge. EH to take this forward as no costs involved to SWSS but will receive £5 from each t-shirt sold and UKSS happy to liaise on pricing and designs.

Event Forms – EH has a template which will be made available on Forum. All directors to use this going forward at events for tracking monies to be banked.

9. Next meeting
Thursday 2nd August, 7pm, proposed venue of Mega Centre



Note that if any headed section includes ‘(abridged)’ then that section of the Minutes differs from the official Society version of the Minutes in order to protect confidentiality or sensitive information, where considered to be in the Society’s interests at this point in time.

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