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Board Meeting Minutes | 21 April 2012

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held at the Hillsborough Stadium at 5 p.m.

On 21st April 2012


JOHN GATH (JG) (Director)
PAUL HOLMES (PH) (Director)
HELEN HUDSON (HH) (Director)
1. Welcome and Introductions
- Apologies – David Blunkett (DB), Richard Davies (RD), Andrew Atterbury (AA)
2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising (10)
Minutes agreed, no matters arising
3. Reports of any communications not reported on the forum (10)
NS – spoke to Alistair to discuss Wednesdayite taking over running all away coaches next season.
JG – DB has been in touch in regards to B2BW
4. Reports and Updates from Working Groups
- Treasurers Report – PH
Report posted on directors forum
- Web Site / Email Newsletter - RD/EH
EH has updated front page, including new banner for B2BW, requested updates to be sent including photos so can add to website. Will be adding live map to track riders. 
- Car Park - JW/DAB
Nothing new to report, getting locked up as per rota
- Coach – JW
Complaint has been dealt with, apology received. Code of conduct needs to be published, stewards to mention about bad language/alcohol when setting off. 
- Lounge - RD/JG
No football card or signing in sheet for today otherwise going well. EH has spoken to Matt Lemm in regards to using Niagara for next season. 
- Programme Notes - EH
no problems to report, anything in particular to add to notes or wants to do them instead, let EH know. 
- Events – NS
Nothing to report
- Smile Tickets – HH
Night matches are problematic, will do update for programme notes for todays recipient. Wants to relaunch SMILE over summer. To negotiate with Alistair over tickets for next season, looking for 20 tickets per match.
5. Charity Bike Ride 2012 PS (5)
Nothing further to add, everything ready for event to take place. 
6. 2012 Elections - All (5)
2 retirees – PS will not re-stand for election. Will have spaces on board, process of AGM will commence 2nd May. Official notice to go out 14days before AGM which is to be held in July. EH to be liaison with Mike over election process. 
7. Re-Branding - NS (15)
To be discussed on forum and deliver action plan to take this forward. HH suggested we re-launch as Wednesdayite with new website. 
PH suggested membership pack to encourage new members, NS to put together list of ideas to be voted on by directors on forum. Suggestion made to have a 2012/13 pin badge.
Proposal made that affiliate supporters club such as Yorkshire Coast Owls be Wednesdayite members as well and will receive part of membership fees in return. 
8. A.O.U.B 
EH - proposed meeting after season has ended to discuss next season’s proposals
JG – encouraging members to actively use forum and use it appropriately
Car Park for 2012/13 – EH to design flyer for next season’s permits to be booked online. No bookings to be taking until 1st game of next season. Prices to remain same as this season (£4/£5/£75). Proposal for Disabled permits to be £20 including SWSS membership. 
End of Season party – proposal to have this at start of next season as may not have players available depending on wether or not achieve play offs
Next meeting TBA
 Next meeting TBA 

Note that if any headed section includes ‘(abridged)’ then that section of the Minutes differs from the official Society version of the Minutes in order to protect confidentiality or sensitive information, where considered to be in the Society’s interests at this point in time.
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