Sunday, June 24, 2018

Does Wednesdayite want to take over the running of the club?

Definitely not - despite what past perceptions might have been (we didn't want to run the club then either!)

If Wednesdayite has any wish to be involved in the issue of club ownership or its operation, it would only ever be an issue of safeguarding the future of the Club - our Club - irrespective of who the Chairman / Board / Manager is at the time. And thankfully, at the current time we have no worries on that front!

As we all know the fans are the only true constant in football yet all too often their opinions are not sought and their voices go unheard and the Supporters Trust movement aim to address the balance. Through Wednesdayite we aim to provide a conduit for communication to the senior management of our club in a democratic and organised way, providing valuable 2-way feedback, ideas and practical help.