Our Team

Wednesdayite's day to day business is conducted by our volunteer Board of Directors, who are a mixture of those elected by our Members and those who have been co-opted due to their particular skills and expertise in various fields. The Directors serve at the pleasure of members to carry out the mission statement of the Society, but also have important operational roles within the running of the Company's activities - whether that be the away coach travel, the Wednesdayite Lounge or the website. Wednesdayite is run entirely by volunteers - both our team of Directors  and our helpers who help make everything we do run smoothly!

Profiles of all our Directors are below - get to know about them and what motivated them to join the good ship Wednesdayite in the first place!

We also have the benefit of support and advice from three patrons, profiles of whom you will find on the right.


Finance Director

Services Director