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28 June 2013

Following the final collapse of the Sheard bid, significant changes took place at the club, with Lee Strafford firstly joining the club board and then quickly becoming Chairman. Strafford's plan to revitalise the Owls hinged on engaging with the fanbase, and as such Wednesdayite were welcomed into the club in ways that mere months ago had seemed unthinkable. Going into the 2009/10 season, Strafford stated to a Wednesdayite members' meeting that he would like to see all Wednesday fans be a member of Wednesdayite, and permitted Wednesdayite membership to be included as an option on season ticket forms.


28 June 2013

On 1 July, Wednesdayite received a formal bid from Geoff Sheard, acting for a 'Swiss-based trust'. Wednesdayite immediately referred the correspondence to legal advisors in preparation of a ballot of members on whether to accept the offer for the shareholding. It was also announced that Dave Allen had agreed to sell his 10% stake in Sheffield Wednesday PLC to Sheard's group.

A Special General Meeting of Wednesdayite took place on 6 August. Members were sent detailed supporting information alongside the ballot forms, and the Wednesdayite board recommended members vote 'Yes' to both resolutions - to amend the Socierty rule preventing the shareholding being sold and to sell the shares to Geoff Sheard.

Both resolutions were passed with over 90% of votes from 78% of all members voting.

On 6 October, Wednesdayite withdrew their previous offer to sell shares to Geoff Sheard and his consortium, citing the length of time taken for the takeover to be completed and the lack of verifiable funds.


28 June 2013

On 13 February, Wednesdayite Chairman Darryl Keys revealed that the group had been approached by different parties with regards to the processes involving the sale of their shareholding. One of those parties was later revealed to be Geoff Sheard, who was said to be fronting a 'Swiss-based trust' and was said to be at an "advanced stage" in steps to buy the club. Wednesdayite membership significantly increased during the period with all members promised that they would be able to take part in any future potential vote deciding whether to sell the shares.

Due to the length of time taken to complete a takeover of the club, speculation mounted amongst the Sheffield Wednesday fanbase as to the role of Wednesdayite's shares in a possible takeover, the identity of consortium members and whether the funds of the group could be legally verified under UK money laundering laws. Wednesdayite's openness in addressing the unfolding situation (whilst all other parties, including the club, remained silent on the subject) saw support for the group grow.


Owls Blog - Subbuteo Art: Cleaving John's Wembley Dink

28 June 2013
"In 1991, when I was ten, the accepted way for football fans to record their special football memories was to keep a scrapbook of pictures and clippings from newspapers and magazines. You recreated these treasured moments on the Subbuteo pitch. Somewhere over the last 22 years the distinction between these two, footballing pastimes became blurred, at least in the mind of Aston Villa fan Terry Lee.

Owls Blog - The COG Blog

20 June 2013
The first Owls blog of the close season sees a new Owls Blogger, Aiden Cusick, feature on Wednesdayite.com.  Aiden is a 22-year-old wannabe sports journalist with an obsession for Sheffield Wednesday and in his own words "talks a good game, plays like Kim Olsen."
Aiden's first blog some may say is good timing, some may say it's bad timing - but Aiden takes a view on recent Owls striker and new Barnsley signing Chris O'Grady.

Owls Blog - Wednesday Survive On Promotion Form

13 May 2013
Owls blogger Richard Brook brings us his final blog of the 2012-13 season with his review. Richard 31-year-old life-long Wednesday supporter, and amateur football writer. He lives with his wife and three Wednesday brain washed children. Like most of his generation Richard’s heroes were Hirst, Waddle and Sheridan, and as goalkeeper himself Kevin Pressman.

"Sheffield Wednesday signed off their first season back in the Championship with a 2-0 win against Middlesbrough, at Hillsborough. It was a game the Owls had to win, to retain the second tier status that the club fought so hard to attain the season before.

Owls vs Blades Voted Greatest Ever Cup Semi

11 May 2013
- Fans’ all-time FA Cup moments identified following season-long poll
- Results to be featured on ESPN’s live TV FA Cup Final build up on 11 May
- Sheffield Derby in 1993 voted greatest FA Cup Semi-Final

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2012/13 Issue #32

03 May 2013

The Wednesdayite Weekly: We've got our tickets, have you?

For a final Friday flourish:

➤ Eddie has a positive mental attitude
➤ Joe wonders where it all went wrong
➤ Matt and his armchair win PFA Player Of The Season
➤ Membership for next season - preview


Owls Blog - Down To The Last Day

02 May 2013
Regular Owls blogger Joe Crann returns to Wednesdayite.com with his final blog of the season as we approach the 'Last Day' with so much riding on it.  Joe is based in South Africa and is a journalist for Soccer-Laduma, Africa’s biggest football publication.  He's Sheffield born and bred and moved over to Cape Town, South Africa in 2011. 

"We could have made it easier for ourselves, we could have guaranteed our safety with just a draw against Peterborough United, but no, in true Sheffield Wednesday fashion, our relegation battle will go down to the last day.

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2012/13 Issue #31

26 April 2013

The Wednesdayite Weekly: Until the last ball is kicked, until the last mile is travelled...

This Friday's funky bunch:

  • Eddie is dressing as Brian McDermott for Posh
  • Ben gets into the nuts and bolts of the run-in
  • Matt and his armchair are now a Civil Partnership
  • Away Coach: The Final Solution


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