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Kenneth Edwards

12 January 2012

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Margaret Walker

12 January 2012

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Jeff Campbell

12 January 2012

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Elizabeth Green

12 January 2012

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Robert Smith

12 January 2012

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Owls Blog - Sheffield 'A City Buzzing'

12 January 2012
Owls BlogOwls Blog
With his first blog of 2012 Owls Blogger and Sky Sports fan zone SWFC blogger Carl Mullooly returns to Wednesdayite.com with his latest blog.

"Recently I’ve been thinking about the media hype surrounding how important it is for clubs stay in the Premier League. Granted, it’s where every club wants to be, but it’s worth pointing out that being in the top flight is not the be all and end all. Sheffield is a city buzzing at the moment, with both teams in the city in the mix for automatic promotion as well the play offs in League 1.

It's Captains Night at Hirsty's Bar!

12 January 2012



By far the most popular First Wednesday event of 2011 was our Strikers Night at Hirsty's Bar - so we're kicking off 2012 in exactly the same fashion!

Once again we're getting some true Wednesday legends to Hillsborough to answer your questions about their time playing for the mighty Owls. And this lot should be able to keep control of a rowdy crowd, because they've all made their names wearing the captain's armband! That's right - it's time for Captains Night at Hirsty's Bar!

Owls Blog - Out of Town Owl

06 January 2012
Owls BlogOwls Blog
We welcome an other new Owls blogger to Wednesdayite.com for the start of the new year.  Jake Carr the self professed 'Out of Town Owl' starts off with his auto biographical blog to introduce himself.

"I'm just your typical college student, apparently studying the practice of fixing aircraft... I'm currently on the waiting list for the Royal Navy as an aircraft engineering technician. I am huge Wednesdayite although i can't always go to games I'm always following them.

71 Owls Shirts to Send to India

05 January 2012

Shirts for GoaShirts for Goa

Following our request last week for Old Owls Shirts for India we are delighted to announce that Owls fans donated a total of 71 shirts for Wednesdayite Mark Lomas to take on his trip to Goa.

We'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who dropped off a Wednesday shirt at the Wednesdayite Car Park at the Tranmere Rovers games at Hillsborough on Monday 2nd Jan 2012.  All of the shirts will be taken by Mark and his friends and given to locals in Goa.

Owls Blog - 2011 Owls Review

02 January 2012
Owls BlogOwls Blog

As the Owls move into 2012, leaving 2011 behind and looking to gain promotion to the Championship Wednesdayite blogger Ricky Charlesworth takes time to review the Owls progress in 2011. 

"If you were to describe 2011 in one word for the Owls, it would be transitional.  After suffering relegation the previous season, Wednesday were looking to mount a promotion push and at the start of the year saw the team sitting nicely bunched in the automatic spots. 

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