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Armchair Fan Blog - Brighton (A)

03 October 2013

Matt Savage returns to his armchair for a Tuesday night tussle down in deepest Sussex - the Owls taking on Brighton.

Armchair Fan Blog - Doncaster (H)

30 September 2013

Matt Savage has returned. Not just to blogging, but to Hillsborough itself. A really emotional journey over five years has led Matt to finally come back to the place he loves. Read his story here and his match blog below!

Armchair Fan Blog - Birmingham (A)

23 September 2013

Matt Savage has an away match in his armchair. I wonder if he goes and sits next door when we're away? Here he talks Blues.

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2013/14 Issue #5

13 September 2013

The Wednesdayite Weekly: We're back, baby

In this week's return:

➤ Eddie is still desperate for a win
➤ Matt Savage is going FULL POWER
➤ Why D'You Only Take The Away Coach When You're High?

All this, and MOAR REDA

Armchair Fan Blog - Middlesbrough (A)

03 September 2013

Matt Savage returns with his armchair-based view of proceedings on a matchday. This time out it's the Owls' trip to the banks of the Tees...

Armchair Fan Blog - Millwall (H)

27 August 2013

Armchair blogger Matt Savage isn't scared of armchair Millwall hooligans - he's here to give his views on the match against the Lions.

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2013/14 Issue #4

23 August 2013

The Wednesdayite Weekly: Bank Holiday Special...

In this week's not-actually special special:

➤ Eddie is desperate for a win
➤ Have your say about S6 catering
➤ Ben's blog about how he'll never see us win
➤ Fake Tales Of Away Coach

All this, and AN EXTRA DAY OFF WORK!

Wednesdayite Catering Survery 2013

23 August 2013

Once again, it 's your chance to have your say about the catering facilities at Hillsborough on match days. We had a spirited and valuable response from fans when we produced our last survey in 2011, and the club and its catering partners promised to take those views into account to better serve you, their customers. So have things improved? Are you a loyal customer of the Hillsborough catering outlets, or do you avoid them at all costs? Let us know!

Owls Blog - My 'Cursed' Wednesday Career

23 August 2013


Owls blogger Ben Wier returns to the line up at Wednesdayite.com as the 2013-14 Championship season kicks into gear, to talk about what must be a common feeling amongst those too young to remember the glory days of the 1990s.

Ben is 21 years old and lives in Colchester, Essex and when he's not there he's in Sheffield attending the University of Sheffield where he studies Journalism.  

Ben's Dad is from Sheffield and has been a Wednesday fan, like himself, all his life. Ben's first match was against Chelsea in 1998, and one of his favourite Wednesday goals witnessed live was Matt Hamshaw's mesmeric goal vs Watford in the League Cup Quarter Final in 2001 when we won 4-0.  His favourite players over the years have been Chris Brunt, Jermaine Johnson and John-Paul McGovern.


Armchair Fan Blog - Leeds United (A)

19 August 2013

Armchair blogger Matt Savage was able to rely on both audio AND video for his latest report - it's our visit to Elland Road to take on Leeds.

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