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Armchair Fan Blog - QPR (A)

on August 05, 2013

Armchair blogger Matt Savage was one of the most consistent performers here at last season, and he's back again for more this time out! Happily for us all, despite interest from big-spending Monaco in securing the services of Matt's armchair, it has rejected all approaches and joins Matt on our journey this term. Welcome back!

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2013/14 Issue #1

on August 02, 2013

The Wednesdayite Weekly: Guess who's back, back again....Eddie's back, tell your friends...

To kick off the new season:

➤ Eddie muses on where we are relative to last time out
➤ Call to arms - get your membership sorted, pronto!
➤ I Bet The Away Coach Looks Good On The Dance Floor


How and WHY have you ended up here?

on July 01, 2013

Well, this is embarassing. All we ever wanted was to launch our new website with the minimum of fuss, and NewsNow picks up an article entirely in Latin. Here's a taster of what this article used to look like when NewsNow's dirty little web spider picked it up:

"Integer vel nulla ut erat faucibus auctor in in felis. Proin a justo arcu. Sed commodo dolor vel velit elementum eget volutpat nisi placerat. In tellus nulla, lacinia a vestibulum at, dapibus sed lorem. Nunc porta pharetra sollicitudin. Quisque a risus eu lectus fringilla sodales eu ac felis. Suspendisse potenti. Etiam at semper enim. Nunc varius mauris leo, ut facilisis orci. Praesent vehicula, lectus id condimentum suscipit, ipsum mauris vulputate elit, quis auctor turpis magna fringilla justo. Nunc felis risus, scelerisque vitae pulvinar id, bibendum sed sem. Fusce vitae imperdiet enim."

Well, that doesn't help anyone. Especially any visiting Blades. The chances of them knowing any Latin are smaller than their chances of promotion. So read on, because we're going to make a silk purse out of this particular Simonsen penalty...

Why should I join Wednesdayite?

on June 28, 2013

Wednesdayite are all about supporting Sheffield Wednesday and it's community for the good of everyone, as well as promoting inclusion and togetherness which would in turn befit the team and the wider fanbase. 

We believe Wednesdayite is an ideal conduit for fans to communicate with our football club. If you want your voice to be represented then joining us is a great way to make it happen.

We’ll represent the Owls fan in general, where possible, but our members in particular. The greater the membership the stronger we become and the more influence we have.

We’ve created a whole new, modern and exciting future for the organisation with a new package of member benefits, including discounts on member services like our own Lounge, our Away Coach travel, Car Park and exciting events. If you want to part of a fresh and dynamic organisation which looks after the people that really count, the fans, then join Wednesdayite today!


on June 28, 2013

Wednesdayite embrace their role as a key part of how Owls fans follow their club. We continue to grow and expand our successful Away Coach, Car Park and Matchday Lounge services, surf our Big Flag at home and away matches, put on popular events and do everything we can to support both the SWFC Community Programme and the SWFC Academy.

With a popular and constantly-updated website and over 11,000 followers on Twitter (with over 6,000 on Facebook), we are a hub for fans from all over the world to come together and support the greatest team the world has ever seen!


on June 28, 2013

With the disbursement of the Society's shareholding came the opportunity to carve a new path for Wednesdayite in a post-political era. Wednesdayite changed their mission statement and shifted the emphasis from seeking positive change within the SWFC boardroom to seeking closer ties with the club in order to deliver a better matchday experience for fans, to mutually benefit both supporters and the club, and to reach out to the wider community with the SWFC brand.

At the 2011 Society AGM, Wednesdayite Vice-Chair Eddie Hoyland presented a vision of a future for Wednesdayite as a supporter's club first and foremost, embracing community, matchday and commercial operations to bring benefit to all the main stakeholders in SWFC in the years to come.


on June 28, 2013

In December, Milan Mandarić took over as chairman of Sheffield Wednesday with Wednesdayite gifting their 10.07% shareholding to the Mandarić family trust as part of the takeover. When Wednesdayite members were balloted on the issue of gifting the shares, 97.9% voted in favour.

Mr Mandarić attends a Wednesdayite members meeting where he is warmly welcomed to the club and pledges to continue to involve the fans in everything he does to help take the club forward.






on June 28, 2013

As the political situation continued to unravel at Hillsborough, Strafford eventually resigned as Chairman and with the club facing winding-up petitions from HMRC amid rumours of the club going into administration or worse, Wednesdayite lent their voice to the growing protest movement amongst Wednesday fans, working closely with the Shareholders Association and Time To Go under the Save Our Owls banner.






on June 28, 2013

Following the final collapse of the Sheard bid, significant changes took place at the club, with Lee Strafford firstly joining the club board and then quickly becoming Chairman. Strafford's plan to revitalise the Owls hinged on engaging with the fanbase, and as such Wednesdayite were welcomed into the club in ways that mere months ago had seemed unthinkable. Going into the 2009/10 season, Strafford stated to a Wednesdayite members' meeting that he would like to see all Wednesday fans be a member of Wednesdayite, and permitted Wednesdayite membership to be included as an option on season ticket forms.


on June 28, 2013

On 1 July, Wednesdayite received a formal bid from Geoff Sheard, acting for a 'Swiss-based trust'. Wednesdayite immediately referred the correspondence to legal advisors in preparation of a ballot of members on whether to accept the offer for the shareholding. It was also announced that Dave Allen had agreed to sell his 10% stake in Sheffield Wednesday PLC to Sheard's group.

A Special General Meeting of Wednesdayite took place on 6 August. Members were sent detailed supporting information alongside the ballot forms, and the Wednesdayite board recommended members vote 'Yes' to both resolutions - to amend the Socierty rule preventing the shareholding being sold and to sell the shares to Geoff Sheard.

Both resolutions were passed with over 90% of votes from 78% of all members voting.

On 6 October, Wednesdayite withdrew their previous offer to sell shares to Geoff Sheard and his consortium, citing the length of time taken for the takeover to be completed and the lack of verifiable funds.