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Owls Blog - Marching On

21 March 2013
Owls BlogOwls Blog

Owls blogger Matt Grant returns to Wednesdayite.com with his second blog in the last couple of weeks and this time looks at the Owls season so far and speculates how the rest of the season will pan out.

"Time to dust ourselves off and keep on marching.  Like many Wednesdayites, I try to attend all of the home games and get in at least a couple of away days per season. And like a lot of Wednesdayites, getting to home games can feel at times like constantly doing the away day as I have to make a 40+ mile journey there and back each time over the Pennines from where I currently live in Stockport.

Owls Blog - Lewis Buxton 'Mr Reliable'

20 March 2013
Owls BlogOwls Blog

We welcome a brand new Owls blogger to the line up at Wednesdayite.com this week.  Ben Wier is 20 years old and lives in Colchester, Essex and when he's not there he's in Sheffield attending the University of Sheffield where he studies Journalism.

Ben's Dad is from Sheffield and has been a Wednesday fan, like himself, all his life. He took him to his first Wednesday game at Hillsborough during the 1998-99 season where the Owls drew 0-0 with Chelsea and despite no goals, in his own words "I was hooked".  One of his favourite Wednesday goals witnessed live was Matt Hamshaw's mesmeric goal vs Watford in the League Cup Quarter Final in 2001 when we won 4-0.  His favourite players over the years have been Chris Brunt, Jermaine Johnson and John-Paul McGovern.

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2012/13 Issue #27

15 March 2013

The Wednesdayite Weekly: We would never send you back to your parent club

This week's stuff:

  • Eddie looks ahead to the run-in
  • Missing Meggo
  • Matt has left his home!!!!!!! No, he hasn't. He's still sat in his armchair.
  • The Hunt For Red Away Coach

All this, and it's nearly the weekend too. TOP DARTS.

Owls Blog - Spare a thought for Gary Megson

12 March 2013
Owls BlogOwls Blog

After a while out 'injured' Owls blogger Matt Grant returns to the line up at Wednesdayite.com after having watch the first episode of 'Late Kick Off' on BBC1 on Sunday evening and 'Spares a Thought for Gary Megson'.

"Like many others I watched ‘Late Kick-Off’ the other night, which on this occasion featured Gary Megson. He spoke, as always, in fond terms for the club and it inspired me to reach for the keyboard…

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2012/13 Issue #26

08 March 2013

The Wednesdayite Weekly: Fighting the POWER against the referee conspiracy

This week's stuff:

  • Eddie is ANGRY
  • Matt is sitting down. AGAIN.
  • A Good Day To Take The Away Coach

All this, and I've not dated a girl 26 years younger than me. For a start, it would be very illegal.

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2012/13 Issue #25

01 March 2013

The Wednesdayite Weekly: Your one-stop shop for topless black men

This week's menu of win:

  • Eddie is brimming with confidence
  • Our scoreboard - it really is ace
  • Wreck It Away Coach

All this, and I've not dated a girl 26 years younger than me. For a start, it would be very illegal.

Owls Blog - SHHHHHHH T: The Glory Of Wednesday's Retro Scoreboard

28 February 2013
Owls BlogOwls Blog
Owls blogger Richard Brook brings us his latest blog to Wednesdayite.com. Richard 31-year-old life-long Wednesday supporter, and amateur football writer. He lives with his wife and three Wednesday brain washed children. Like most of his generation Richard’s heroes were Hirst, Waddle and Sheridan, and as goalkeeper himself Kevin Pressman.

"'Cult status, in football is usually reserved for a player who for all his technical deficiencies is something of a fan’s favourite. Every once in a while maybe a manager or chairman might steal the hearts of a club’s fan sufficiently to be thought of in such a way. More rarely still it might be a static fixture such as Anfield’s famous Kop or, although not connected to a club, the twin towers of the old Wembley stadium. Cult status can never truly be understood by an outsider but even so once in a while cult status can be afforded to something really bizarre.

Owls Blog - Make Ours A Lita

26 February 2013
Owls BlogOwls Blog
Owls Blogger Chris Brookes returns to Wednesdayite.com with his latest blog, this time talking about Owls loan signing Leroy Lita wanting to 'Make Ours A Lita'.

Chris is a journalism graduate (Sheffield Hallam University), 22 years old and a Kop season ticket holder since 2004, but a fan from further back than that. He also runs his own blog beatsandrhymesfc.com where he interviews players past and present but with the different angle of discussing music with them, with some top name interviews on there so far. He also writes regularly about Wednesday whenever he gets the opportunity.

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2012/13 Issue #24

22 February 2013

The Wednesdayite Weekly: This week, it's REALLY half-baked.

For your delectation this time out:

  • Eddie looks ahead with trepidation
  • (Away Coach to) Lincoln

All this, and Emily Sandé has won all our awards too.

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2012/13 Issue #23

15 February 2013

The Wednesdayite Weekly: Last time, we put Big Mig on the cover. He scored. WE ARE THE BEST.

For your delectation this time out:

  • Eddie is going to spend the weekend weeping over the past
  • What will Matt and his armchair do this weekend?
  • Joe Crann is coming home
  • Away Coach Unchained

All this, and we won't shoot you for intruding on our property either.

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