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Wednesdayite Weekly - 2011/12 Issue #32

13 April 2012

The Wednesdayite Weekly: Every Friday, we force you to listen to what we have to say.

Highlights this time out:

  • B2BW Training - Our cyclists are ON THE ROAD!
  • Match Preview - All the important info ahead of Colchester
  • Away Coach Update

All this, and nothing about Ched Evans that's going to get us sued!

Owls Blog - Automatic Promotion - Curses & Angels

13 April 2012
Owls BlogOwls Blog

As the season draws to it's conclusion Owls blogger, Ann Barker, blogs about the curses and angels of automatic promotion. Ann works in Bradford and has always supported the mighty Owls. She has a commercial pilots licence, two Springer Spaniels who go wild if you say 'Sheffield Wednesday' and she loves Chris Waddle with all her heart.

"I’m a teacher (keep reading, I know it’s a terrible start but it gets better), it’s the Easter holidays, so what more is there to do except to worry about not getting automatic promotion? 

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2011/12 Issue #31

06 April 2012

The Wednesdayite Weekly: Every Friday, we force you to listen to what we have to say.

Highlights this time out:

  • Bring On The Terriers - Eddie ranting again. He'll stop soon.
  • Shirts To Rwanda - Building the SWFC name in Africa
  • Rory's Blog - Full of jellied eels and pearly queens
  • Away Coach Update

All this, and an absolutely brilliant nickname for Ched Evans!

Owls Blog - Automatic Promotion?

05 April 2012
Owls BlogOwls Blog

As the season enters the business end firmly now one of our regular Owls Blogger Rory McAllister, The Southern Owl, brings us his April blog.

Rory, from ‘darn sarf’, follows the Owls the length and breadth of the country and is hoping the season ends on a high note whether that be at the beginning of May or at the end of May.


Wednesday Shirts for Rwanda

28 March 2012


You may remember last year we collected old Wednesday shirts of behalf of Owls fan Mark Lomas and we collected 71 shirts for him to take on his trip to Goa, for distribution to locals there.

Well we have recently being contacted by another Owls fan, and Wednesdayite member, Paul Freer to do the same again for his trip to Rwanda in April of this year.  Paul intends to go out and take as many Owls shirts as possible with him. We will therefore we collecting shirts at the Owls v Carlisle United game at Hillsborough on the 21st April 2012.


Wednesdayite Weekly - 2011/12 Issue #30

23 March 2012

The Wednesdayite Weekly: Every Friday, our gift to you!

In this week's missive:

  • Owl Hulk's Blog - Probably very reserved and sensible
  • Walsall Match Blog - Relive the magical night we'll never forget
  • Away Coach Update

All this, and a terrible joke about Keith Treacy and Nile Ranger in the form of two comic books from the 1940s.

Owls Blog - The Owl Hulk is Back!

23 March 2012
Owls BlogOwls Blog

After his first Owls blog just before the Steel City Derby, which by the way was the most popular blog we've had this season so far with over 2,400 hits, Owls Blogger the Owl Hulk returns to wednesdayite.com.

Once again please don't make him mad but the Owl Hulk is off to Leyton Orient this weekend to watch the Owls so keep an eye out for him?! Let us know if you spot him?

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2011/12 Issue #29

16 March 2012

It's the Wednesdayite Weekly - the warmup to your weekend with all things Wednesday!

This issue's bulletpoints:

  • B2BW Bike Ride - CHARITY WIN
  • The Wednesday Cricket Club Unveil Marsden Trophy
  • Lord Hillsborough's Blog - BARE JAPES
  • Away Coach Update

All this, and possibly a picture or two of a piano-playing kitten.

The Wednesday Cricket Club - Tom Marsden Trophy

14 March 2012
The Wednesday Cricket ClubCricket Club

The Wednesday Cricket Club working in conjunction with the city Lord Mayors Office together with the financial help of the Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Society, Wednesdayite are proud to announce that the trophy named in tribute to one of the most famous sporting fathers of Sheffield is to be resurrected as a living trophy.

Tom Marsden was for many years the best single wicket cricketer in the north of England, and, not short on confidence, he put up a £50 reward for anyone to beat him. 

Owls Blog - SMILE Lord Hillsborough

13 March 2012
Owls BlogOwls Blog
Lord Hillsborough recently attended the Steel City derby versus Sheffield United, not as you may think as a VIP, but as a guest of our SMILE tickets scheme.
The Lord tells us about his day and a little but about SMILE with his latest blog for Wednesdayite.com

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