Saturday, June 23, 2018

71 Owls Shirts to Send to India

Shirts for GoaShirts for Goa

Following our request last week for Old Owls Shirts for India we are delighted to announce that Owls fans donated a total of 71 shirts for Wednesdayite Mark Lomas to take on his trip to Goa.

We'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who dropped off a Wednesday shirt at the Wednesdayite Car Park at the Tranmere Rovers games at Hillsborough on Monday 2nd Jan 2012.  All of the shirts will be taken by Mark and his friends and given to locals in Goa.

To take up the initial story Wednesdayite were contacted by Mark to collect as many old home shirts as possible for him to take on his next trip to Goa, for distribution to locals there.

This isn’t Marks first trip to Goa, and certainly not the first time he has distributed shirts and the message that Wednesday are the biggest and best team in the world!

Mark takes up the story…

"In Goa the tourism industry is all they have - but when tourists have gone and it’s the rainy season, the average monthly wage to staff is about 1200 rupees (£14). I first went eight years ago, but three years ago I decided to buy some Owls shirts off Ebay to take out there as I’d seen how crazy they all were for shirts of other teams.

I collected about 25, and handed them out when i got there. The look on their faces was something I’ll never forget, they treasured them, and to see Owls shirts all over the area added that bit of something else to our holiday!!

You can see from the picture the enjoyment these shirts gave them - you can also see the disappointment on the others faces! All sizes are welcome! Who am I doing it for?? Well apart from giving a cherished item to these people, I’m spreading the Wednesday word, I teach them the songs and however many shirts we get there will be another group pic coming - and hopefully a video!

All the shirts donated by Owls fans 

Once again a massive thank you to all who donated shirts.