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Wednesdayite Weekly - 2012/13 Issue #6

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The Wednesdayite Weekly: Serious Business...

In this week's straight-laced missive:

  • Eddie on the Hillsborough Disaster
  • Much happier stuff about affiliates
  • Away Coach: Cultural Learnings For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Khazakstan

All this, and some man-love for Paul Aldridge...


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Few Wednesday fans will have missed the renewed focus on our home over the last few days as the release of previously-secret documents from the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989 shed new light on an issue that has cast a shadow over football for 23 years.

What the new documents clearly show is that there was collusion, corruption and covering-up at the highest levels of the most important institutions in our country - those tasked with protecting and serving us as citizens. It's clear that individuals and organisations should be brought to account for those actions - and I'm sure that will follow.

While it's still painful for us as Owls to be forever connected with the events of that day, it's important that we follow the example of our club this week, which apologised unreservedly for the actions of those in charge of SWFC at the time - and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our fellow fans in Liverpool. Admitting that our ground's design contributed to the causes of the tragedy is not something we should be scared to do.

Yes, Hillsborough was an unsafe stadium in 1989. ALL stadia were. For a government and a police force that regarded football fans as lower than animals, to be herded and caged, crowd safety came far behind crowd control in the thoughts of how to handle football matches - and from Newcastle to Torquay, from Norwich to Wrexham, we took our lives into our hands countless times even entering those penned terraces. And we as fans must take some responsibility for that state of affairs - because for a generation we chose the buzz of tribalism over a common cry for better treatment. Thankfully football has changed and we will never see those days again.

The Hillsborough Disaster could have happened at any large stadium, at any large match, to fans of any large club. It could have been us.

We've all got friends or relatives who tell stories of Liverpool fans drinking, or Liverpool fans without tickets, or Liverpool fans arriving far too late to the match. But not only did ALL clubs' fans do exactly the same things (and let's be honest - sometimes still do), but fans arriving at 3pm had no bearing on the tragedy, which was claiming victims from half-past-two on that fateful day. It is clear from the released documents that massive, tragic mistakes were made - but the anger on the Mersey and around the world comes from the concerted attempts to cover up those mistakes and to push the blame for the deaths of 96 people onto their fellow fans. Fans - in red shirts and red scarves maybe - but fans like us.

So be angry. Be hurt that our club and our stadium will always have that shadow cast over it. But make sure that hurt and anger is directed at those who not only allowed it to happen but did everything they could to ensure that it was we as football fans who took the blame.

We at Wednesdayite walk with the 96, with their families and friends, and with every other football supporter who has been affected by the events of April 1989.

Up The Owls.




It will come as no surprise to any Wednesday fan that, due to us being massive, we have fans in every corner of the country, and even plenty in corners of foreign fields that are forever Hillsborough. Most of us have been on holiday and come across Wednesday fans far from the Steel City – just last month I walked into a pub in a tiny village in the South of France only to see a 1999 Owls shirt framed behind the bar!

We’re proud that Wednesdayites are flying the flag worldwide – so much so that we’ve got a dream. We want to see flags honouring Owls from every corner of the globe displayed in the stands at Hillsborough – and luckily it’s something that we can help to make happen.

That’s why we’ve launched our Wednesdayite Affiliate scheme. Perhaps you’re an organised group of fans who arrange tickets and travel to matches together. Maybe you’re a handful of mates living away from Sheffield who’ve come together because of your shared love for the Owls. Or it could be that you’re one of our many foreign fans who have adopted SWFC and are spreading the good word to your countrymen. We’d like very much to help you grow, attract new members and fly your colours even when you can’t be at S6 in person.

Becoming an affiliate supporters group is absolutely free, and gets you not only our experience and support in publicising your group and its activities, assistance in travelling to matches and best of all, we’ve pledged to match-fund your group’s flag to either keep permanently at Hillsborough or travel round the country with you as you follow the mighty Owls. What’s more, for every person who joins Wednesdayite through your group, we give you a portion of the membership fee back to help you grow and attract new members!

We’ve already got three great affiliate groups – the East Midlands Owls, the Yorkshire Coast Owls and the New York Owls, with several more currently preparing for launch. So whether you’re in Stockport or Sydney, follow the Owls from Banbury or Bogota, we can make sure you’re playing your part in roaring the boys on whether you’re there in person or thousands of miles away!





Our popular Away Coach service is the cheap, fun and hassle-free way to follow the Owls far and wide!

And it's even cheaper for kids to travel! Wednesdayite Members save £2 PER TRIP - that's got to be worth joining in the away day fun...

If you're a regular away traveller, how about volunteering to steward Wednesdayite coaches - as the service goes from strength to strength we need reliable, regular bodies to help things go as smoothly as possible - and there may even be little perks in it! Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you're interested.

25th Sep Southampton (COC) £27 £29
29th Sep Wolves £14 £16
2nd Oct Burnley £14 £16
24th Oct Blackburn £14 £16

NB: Junior prices also available

If demand is high enough we will book additional coaches, join the wait list for free to express your interest.

For more details, to purchase tickets online or to find out about our other upcoming away trips, please click below! 






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 Hillsborough Disaster

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In a move Dave Jones described as 'as big as the Rodri signing', the Owls have landed Everton wunderkind Ross Barkley on a month's loan.

The 18 year-old is an England U-21 international and comes to Hillsborough to further bolster the engine room of the side - he's a box-to-box midfielder very much in the Steven Gerrard mould.

Barkley goes straight into the squad to face Brighton tonight - remember that it's not on telly, but can be listened to on Radio Sheffield and Wednesday Player.

Welcome to Hillsborough Ross - we hope that not only your spell is a success, but that it leads to a longer association as we push to become a force in the Championship!


Wednesday CEO Paul Aldridge met a small group of 30 or so Owls fans for one of his semi-regular fans forums this week. Reaction from those that were there was brilliantly positive, the impression being that SWFC absolutely have the right people in every key position at the club to drive us forward.

Mr Alridge was candid and open with all questions asked - from the scoreboard at Hillsborough (to be replaced, if not imminently); to the aims for this season (a realistic push for a playoff place); to the financial health of SWFC (one of the most stable and competitive clubs in the Championship); to the player ins and outs it at S6 over the summer.

It all points to another exciting season at Hillsborough - so get down there on Wednesday and Saturday and let's roar the team on to more victories!

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