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31 December 1969

Owls Blog - Superstitions, Reminisces & Quarterly Report

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    We welcome Glyn Thornhill a brand new Owls Blogger to the line up this week.  So over to Glyn to introduce himself and his first blog.

    "Let me introduce myself – NORTHWESTOWL - Glyn Thornhill a season ticket holder for 34 years. Born and raised in Sheffield..age 48...I have resided on the 'dark side' of the Pennines since the mid 1980's surrounded by Armchair Manchester United followers and passionate City supporters....so no such luxury as a home game. These come in the guise of Oldham, Bury and Rochdale respectively for me this season.

    So with my credentials dealt with and ratified onwards with my first blog for Wednesdayite.

    With the instant accessibility of technology at our fingertips for latest scores – I sometimes yearn for the mid 1970's and 1980's – SWFC were entrenched in league division 3. Not great football I hasten to add but a certain romance went hand in hand with football those days. 

    Although any one under the age of twenty will find this hard to comprehend.

    During the early 1970's at football grounds the only method of seeing how other teams faired on a Saturday was the half time manual scoreboard. Sometimes the scoreboard operator would put 0–4 against score A listed in the programme – Crickey , losing 4-0 at home, but then he would hastily rearrange the correct way round. The half time scorecards were all part of a now long forgotten entertainment. There was a certain romance to this, now long gone thanks to Sky and instant internet connections, unless you carried a cumbersome portable radio (they were not that portable either) this was the only way to see the current scores.

    Circa 1980 take a typical away game for SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY in September – Brentford – the London trips were often train journeys for us so when the train pulled into Sheffield Midland at say 11pm or even later, we often joked if the Green Un seller would be there. Without fail he would be stationed (pun intended !!) outside offering the sports results paper, late scores were often in the late column – You'd travelled all the way home wondering how the rest of the division had faired that day...and eight hours after kick off there it was in print – confirmation of the final scores.

    SUPERSTITIONS - Football fans often harbour long seated superstitions and routines, well this season we have had our best home start for 31 seasons and I put some of that down to my 'lucky hat'. Last season saw me wear over thirteen lucky baseball caps – alas to no avail. However this season the lucky New York Yankees is doing the business up to present.

    Do any readers out there have routines they follow pre match? Long suffering football fans will cling onto the most bizarre superstitions.

    We are now a quarter way through this campaign with a balanced side. Megson has nearly completed his clear out. MK Dons seems to be a home for disenchanted former Owls, can' t see Mark Beevers finding his way back, or Giles Coke returning from Bury.

    I feel he has blended strength in all areas.

    Goalkeeper – In Stephen Bywater we have a confident and commanding goalie.

    Defence – Now looks well balanced with Reda Johnson and Mark Reynolds holding the sidelines. Credit to Reynolds (I know many want him out), but pleasing to see he hasn't demanded a transfer despite his lack of games.

    Midfield – Jose Semedo has been a solid gutsy midfielder – breaking up play and generally giving the team some bite – sadly lacking the last three seasons.

    Prutton, Lines and the nifty winger Marshall being the main four. Liam Palmer still has the potential to play a major part this season. I'm still unconvinced by JJ – yes fantastic pace, but often no end product.

    JOC seems to be this seasons scapegoat. His distribution sometimes falters but I feel last Saturday he broke up play well when Wednesday did not have possession. Ask yourself if you think we improved with JJ on the pitch – did not seem to IMHO.

    Strikers – After the ballyhoo surrounding Mellor I feel we have the best option in Madine. One of very few Irvine signings that has worked whether it's the threat of McGoldrick, Lowe or O'Grady vying for the places he has definitely upped his game – Supremely confident now and looks well capable of twenty goals this season. 

    Sidelines – Don' t honestly see much playing time for the following Otsemobor, Jones, Uchechi and Kasnik respectively. Would expect some to be moved on come January.

    That's all this time round thanks to Wednesdayite for giving me the opportunity to blog...till next time."


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