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31 December 1969

Owls Blog - Ginnnnger Mourinho!

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    Owls Blogger Rory McAllister, The Southern Owl, now a regular in the line up this season on Wednesdayite.com, leaves us with his blog for November.

    In this blog Rory talks about Drax Hippolyte, Ginger Mourinho and a Fat Man...so over to Rory...

    "Dear Wednesdayites,

    "Ginnnnnger Mourinho! Ginnnnger Mourinho! Ginger Mourinho! Ginnnnger Mourinho!" I do love singing that at matches and I love the way Megson acknowledges it. Even if the song was invented by Bolton fans years back, it’s a good thing for the song that Megson came to us, the Mighty Owls, for we have the humour to grab a batton like that and run with it. Brilliant. I do love being a Wednesday fan.

    Any road. How are you since we last spoke? (Well, since you last read my blog perhaps?) All good? Maybe a cold is still giving you a bit of jip, otherwise ok? I’ve managed to avoid the colds myself – had a bit of bother in September but so far I’m ploughing on.

    I almost forgot. I always do a “Hello you mentalists” to all new readers of my blog. I call you mentalists because you have to be a mentalist to support Sheffield Wednesday, don’t you? It’s one of life’s stranger roller-coasters propping up the Mighty Owls and whether it be by choice or birthright, welcome to the barmiest of armies. We’re all mental here. If you’re new to Wednesdayite, then you’re very welcome here. Come in, wipe your feet and take a seat. You'll just find ramblings here. The point of my blog is - there is no point. Except for the ramblings as I said.

    All settled in? Great. It’s been alright recently hasn’t it? Sitting third (at time of press). Leyton Orient at Hillsborough are next (at time of press). Long may our form continue. Although Ginger Mourinho has dumped us out of two cups (in the cheekiest way I’ve ever seen, subbing off Weaver after 15 seconds or whatever it was in the Johnstone’s Paint), we’ve got the FA Cup creeping up on us. Bless Morecambe, we came, we conquered. Next up is Aldershot – but! But! It SO could’ve been the greatest fixture, ever(!) – for me anyway! Maidenhead United FC, the magpies! I grew up in Maidenhead, Berkshire and I’ve always looked out for my local side. The Magpie have Johnson "Drax" Hippolyte as their guv’nor at the time of press. Drax was once on our books at Sheffield Wednesday. However, I can’t decide if Drax Hippolyte sounds more like a space-crazied Bond villain rather than a football manager?! Sadly, Maidenhead United were fed to the sharks and lost to Aldershot in the FA Cup First Round replay, so I missed out on a chance to drag all of my family up to Hillsborough and shove them in the Leppings Lane end and jeer at them from the opposite side. One could argue it’d be ME in the wrong end sitting in the Kop – but – I’m Wednesday ‘til I die and have been now for near on twenty years. I’d rather be an Owl than a Magpie. What could’ve been though? My home town playing at Hillsborough. One can dream. But that’s football for yer. Always goes the other way. Bah!

    Speaking of bah(!) – that’s not far away is it? (As in Bah! Humbug! (It’s Christmas)). I’ve looked at the Walsall away fixture on Boxing Day and am eyeing it up. I’ve got relatives in the area so it’d be an excuse to crash in and grab a left-over turkey sandwich. And wear a Santa hat at the match. I love doing that. Don’t know why. Just do. They often say in pubs, bus-stops, betting shops and festering cliché conversations that “You know where you’ll finish by Christmas”. Well, let’s just hope Ginger Mourinho has us up there by the time the Fat Man arrives down the chimney (down), then, surely, we’ll be promoted?! Surely?! Oh, if clichés were true!

    Until next time, Wednesdayites!.... 

    UTO! WAWAW! 

    - Rory The Southern Owl

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