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31 December 1969

Owls Blog - Saturday Afternoon Feels Better

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    We once again welcome a new Owls Blogger to the Wednesdayite.com, Charlie Allen who is 19 years old and lives in Intake S12 but was born in the lovely S6.

    He moved away from Sheffield for about 7 years occasionally coming back to see the Owls for birthdays and so on when Gerald Sibon and Shefki Kuqi were in their prime and eventually moved back to Sheffield when he was about 11-12 to be reunited with the blue and white wizards and have been watching them ever since.  I have had a season ticket for the past painfull 5 years and get to as many away games as possible.  Hopefully now things have changed with the two M's, Megson and Mandaric at the helm so lets get behind the lads.

    "This is my first blog for Wednesdayite so feel free to criticise my work, as long as its structured and doesn't hurt my feelings.

    Isn't it great to be at home, funny that the fixtures are categorised as home and away, because to turn up at the fortress that is Hillsborough at three o'clock on a Saturday afternoon feels better then trudging through my own front door after a hard days work, especially when three points seems so inevitable recently.

    To push aside a team that hasn't been beaten in ten games so easily just highlights how strong we are at home, because the O's were literally pushed aside every time we had a freekick or a corner it looked like Reda was going to steam his way through the box and get on the end of the cross. 

    Megson has created a team of giants and it is paying off, I cant recall watching a game of football where the defence is more likely to score then the strikers before the match has even started, but now I watch one every week and its great. Reda Johnson had an amazing game in one of the best first halves I have seen all season, but I can't believe he still thinks he should be a centre back, he could be our top scorer come the end of the season at this rate. 

    The half time whistle sounded and the speakers began to play Nigel and Martin - Follow da leader (check it out its a really catchy song) as Wednesday fans looked at each other as if to say "what the chuff is this?" but only to realise that this was no mix up of the half time soundtrack, the lyrics can be converted to "follow the Reda", fans began to sing this at the start of the second half which I found amusing and nearly as creative as the Semedo song, which Semedo himself acknowledged midway through the match.

    The home away day definitely added to the atmosphere, crowd noise coming from all four stands made the chants more frequent and louder in my opinion even if the South Stand don't always join in (that's not a dig at any "Southstanders") it would be interesting to get the views of Megson or a player to see if it made any difference.  

    But whoever came up with the idea good on yah!. It was nice to see Mandaric's presence as well after the statement he made this week further solidified the views of all Wednesday fans that he is fully comited and is enjoying his time at Hillsborough and he has got to be happy with what he saw.

    Overall it was a great performance, the new loan signings impressed and I can't wait till the pigs turn up at Hillsborough to be sent home crying."

    Charlie Allen



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