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31 December 1969

Owls Blog - Lord Hillsborough's Christmas Address

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    Following on from Lord Hillsborough gracing our presence with a blog in November, we welcome him back for his second Owls Blog for Wednesdayite.com

    The Lord gives us his "Christmas Address" in this month's installment.


    "Hello my fellow Wednesdayites, how utterly charming it is to be back with you once more.

    I do hope your festive preparations are going well. Is been a long hard year for many of us, and the forthcoming festivities can be both a blessing and a curse. This of course is also true of our beloved Owls.

    It has to be said that it is a wonderful time to be a Wednesdayite. The points are totting up, we have a small but significant margin over our 3rd place chasers and Charlton's seeming wobble with a 1-1 draw with both Walsall and Oldham show that League One’s top spot is becoming more obtainable.

    However, being a blue blooded Owl I am accustom to the bitter taste of disappointment. All too often I have been known to celebrate with Jeeves (yes even the staff!!!) believing that 'this is our year' and been utterly deflated just a few short weeks later.

    But!!!! Doesn't it just feel different this year?

    There is a certain buzz around Fortress Hillsborough at the moment that has been sorely missing. The Wednesdayites are exited again. We can begin to see the light and the end of the tunnel. Mr Megson's plan seems to be pulling together. Our saviour, Mr Mandaric is backing the club, not in the 'throw a shed load of cash at it' kind of way (we all know what happens there), but simple sensible management. Our cloth is being well and truly cut accordingly.

    The Owls are on the up!!!

    But the fight is a long way from over. The news that Danny Batth will be with us to the end of the season is most exciting however the future of our other superstar loan singings are still in the balance, inducing cause for concern.

    I was pondering the December fixtures with, I must admit, a rather squiffy Lady H.

    "RuDdy wELL raPscaliOns, nO WaY THAt bUNcH oF PAp cAn bE viCTorIouS aGaiN uS"

    And although I do agree with Lady H's sentiments, I would like to annunciate it rather more delicately.

    The Huddersfield game was an obvious corker. It had it all, highs, lows, drama, suspense, thrills but the result errr..... hard to describe really.

    Obviously my initial reaction was 'We were robbed!!!!' ruddy ref, you're a dead man. Five minutes on the board and they scored at 97, now even with my upper class education the maths doesn't add up with that conundrum.

    But at the same time we were 2-0 down and there was a time, not so long ago, that the Owls would have struggled to keep their head up at all. But not now, Mr Megson has got our chaps grafting. Good old blood, sweat and tears.

    But I suppose in the end a draw was probably a fair result, probably!!!

    So we look forward to Boxing Day and a trip to Walsall. Again, it looks as though the travelling Wednesdayites will fill the away end to the rafters with support for our brave boys. It must be said, however cruel it sounds, that giving Walsall a good Christmas stuffing would be just the tonic to get over the Huddersfield game and although there are no easy games, Walsall's current position shows that Megson's Men will be looking for a win.

    Then to finish off 2011 it's off to Preston who are peeping their noses slightly above the mid-table quagmire, where points are as tight as Jeeves trousers. And although they did do us a favour by beating the MK Dons, I'm sure no mercy, if not a little respect, will be shown to our adversary's.

    So I shall continue with my festive preparations.

    Jeeves is just wrapping Mr Megson's gift. It's a giant bottle of ginger hair die to keep him looking at his best for the promotion pictures.

    I have got Mr Milan a framed photo of the tattoo I've had of him. Well when I say "I've had" I mean I've had it done on Jeeves's back. It is rather a big one. Well what do you get the man who had everything?

    And all that remains is to wish all Wednesdayites out there a very Merry Christmas and a spiffing New Year from Jeeves, Lady H and myself.

    All the best

    Pip Pip
    Up the Owls!!!
    Lord Hillsborough


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