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31 December 1969

Owls Blog - Out of Town Owl

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    We welcome an other new Owls blogger to Wednesdayite.com for the start of the new year.  Jake Carr the self professed 'Out of Town Owl' starts off with his auto biographical blog to introduce himself.

    "I'm just your typical college student, apparently studying the practice of fixing aircraft... I'm currently on the waiting list for the Royal Navy as an aircraft engineering technician. I am huge Wednesdayite although i can't always go to games I'm always following them.

    Since I was younger I have been to many Wednesday games, including one at Blackburn Rovers recently where I was asked by the woman behind the counter what a Bovril was... HOW DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT A BOVRIL IS! She looked at me like I'd just asked for a cup of gravy...oh wait.  The most remembered game by me and probably any fan of my generation has go to be the 4-2 win over Hartlepool United in the 2005 play off final! (I'll save this for another blog).

    As a fan living in the dark side, and by dark side I don't mean the republic from Star Wars, I do of course mean Lancashire. Some might might say that living in Lancashire is as worse as someone supporting our, or in my case, your neighbours from S2.

    Really living in Lancashire is actually not that bad, put aside the miserable typical Lancashirmen who are CONSTANTLY complaining, the only thing that really bugs me about Lancashire is not being able to see my beloved Wednesday on a weekly basis.

    So please stick with me, this first post isn't about Wednesday I know, but I ensure you everything else will be!

    Jake Carr

    P.s Any wednesdayites on twitter follow @Out_of_town_owl

    Next Blog; "A new year, A new Wednesday?" 

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