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31 December 1969

Owls Blog - The FA Cup & The Hokey Cokey

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    Owls Blogger Rory McAllister, The Southern Owl, now a regular in the line up this season on Wednesdayite.com, welcomes in the new year with his first blog of 2012.

    In this blog Rory talks about Christmas decorations, the hokey cokey and the draw backs of the FA Cup...so over to Rory...



    "Dear Wednesdayites,

    Happy New Year to you all, readers old and new! I know it’s mid-January but surely you're still able to wish somebody a happy new year if you haven't seen them yet? Incidentally, how long can you go wishing somebody a happy new year? I'm going for the end of January. Anytime after that is like keeping your Christmas decorations up too long. It always makes me laugh when I do see Christmas decorations up after January. It's never a full-on effort that you witness, just a few hangers-on, a neon waving Santa - or a bedraggled set of Christmas lights in a lounge window with a filthy set of curtains. And the curtains ARE always filthy though, aren't they? I do love this country.

    Anyway - let's bang on about SWFC instead rather than stale Christmas decorations! Right. Where shall we start? What shall we bang on about? Well, we could bang on about our hokey-cokey-esque tussle with the Blades for second….or third(!) place in the league? I can just see both squads now in a big ring, linked arms, together, in joyful song - "You put your left leg in! Your left leg out! In out, in out, shake it all about! First you're in sec-ond, then you're in third! That's what it's all about! (Altogether now!!!)…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the hokey cokey! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the hokey cokey!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the hokey cokey! Knees bend, arms stretch, U-T-O!". Megson and Wilson could take it in turns to conduct. Two ex-players in perfect harmony.

    But it would never happen. Would it?


    Definitely not.



    The end. 

    So, back to reality! We’ve had some great attendances recently, Huddersfield, West Ham, brilliant. Shame about the Huddersfield 4-4, but a great game for the neutrals. Then, there's our last minute goal leakages, the Huddersfield game included and the Walsall shambles on Boxing Day. I'm glad I didn’t go. I'd have definitely been slamming my Santa hat into the nearest bin with a face like thunder (we could be here all day analsying that, but I'll leave that to another blog writers). This blog, if you're a regular is all about talking nonsense and getting away from it all. There's no real point to any of it. Just me having a ramble. (By the way, if you are new to Wednesdayite and this blog, then welcome! I always do the "hello!" bit at the beginning of the blog but left it out until now. Honest answer is, I've just remembered to do it! So welcome! Take a seat and have a read. But you've probably already done that, so I'll crack on).

    The FA Cup has been annoying me a bit. I'm still in two minds about it all. On one hand it can be great for TV revenue and if you get through each round the extra cash from attendances is a bonus, but, when you're trying to get OUT of League One, let's face it, the FA Cup just gets in the bloomin' way. Go on, sod off FA Cup and let us crack on with the league. Hang on though, we beat West Ham and we're through? Hmmmm, ok then. Blackpool away. Actually, sod it, I've changed my mind again. Can't be doing with it. 

    The reason the FA Cup is bothering me is because it's ruined my plannned Saturday away trip to MK Dons. Sure, it's not the most exciting place to go but I haven't seen Wednesday in the flesh since Wycombe Wanderers at the end of October last year. When you're living down south you always look out for the away fixtures as soon as the list is released. It’s your chance to see your team without having to go too far. I do love a trip to Hillsborough but finances prevent me from travelling as much as I'd like to. Away trips are different. I've had all my away fixtures 'booked' for months in advance. Then, the FA Cup comes along, we make it to the 4th round and now play Blackpool instead of MK Dons in League One. Now I face a mid-week trip to MK Dons (which I'll still honour as they'll probably be less Owls there) having been changed from a Saturday to a Tuesday (or whatever day they schedule it). This may appear as a whinge. In a way I suppose it is but I'm trying to make it NOT sound like a whinge. Sometimes you just don't get things your own way and it merely becomes a joy of supporting the mighty Owls. I'll always go when and where I can, if my VISA debit card allows me.

    Incidentally, if you've got your ticket for the Sheffield derby, see you there! Apparently I've got some honourable duties to attend to that day so I'm looking forward to it all. I'll be in the North Stand this time rather than The Kop and I must remember my wide-angled lens for a photo of you all.

    In between times, I'll see you at Milton Keynes if you make the trip, I've also got Leyton Orient and Brentford booked in as other away trips later this season. For now though, it's all about Charlton this Saturday. No hokey cokey please, Wednesday. Just three points and a massive home crowd.

    Until next time……UP THE OWLS!!! 

    - Rory The Southern Owl

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