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31 December 1969

Owls Blog - Waiting for Our Time

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    We welcome a new Owls Blogger to Wednesdayite.com and making his first appearance on our blogging pages is Ashley Howell. 

    Ashley in currently sunning himself in Mexico whilst 2,000 of us were wrapping up warm in Blackpool, but without further a do it's over to Ashley on his debut as he reminisces of years gone by.


    "As I sit here staring gingerly into the oblivion of white brightness on the word processing screen in front of me, my aim is to produce a portfolio of popular pieces from the everyday football enthusiast.

    The smell of burnt coffee in the pot on the table next to me and the aroma of the two slices of charcoaled toast sat on the chipped porcelain plate are the only early morning inspiration I can draw upon.

    The butter quickly melts as fast as the realisation dawns upon me that probably only a select few will take the time to read my collection. The sense of success will come when I’m inundated with biased applause from close family and friends.

    Ironically, the noise I can hear produced from the white 1980′s retro feel Dre beats I have looped around my head arms me with all the inspiration I need to continue. The words of the terrace anthem I have become so familiar with follow:

    ’You’re everywhere and nowhere baby, that’s where your at, going down the bumpy hillside in your hippy hat.” It immediately makes my body tingle, it gives me confidence and fills my fingertips with the wisdom to write...I am blue, I am white, an Owl haunted by the feelings and thoughts of hope and promise, waiting for our time to come around once again.

    Not where we will fly in the smokey, polluted industrial sky’s of ’91 but higher in the cleaner, brighter, modern times of the beautiful game.

    Are these days really gone forever?

    Due to no fault other than my youth I continue to crave the sweet taste of glorious years past. This was neither a choice nor decision I had to make, for reasons beyond my control even before my existence, the jury had sat. The verdict concluded by my father, this was always going to be a part of my being.

    Is this something I can change? Yes. Would I…?

    Over recent decades I have regularly flirted on the edge of betrayal, admiring alternative contests from the comfort of my own abode. From out of date nostalgic 20″ teletext sets to today’s current high definition 3D plasmas. I’ve witnessed the elite, individuals blessed with a gift.

    The ability not to heal nor strengthen but to entertain. Finely polished superstars battling it out on Europe’s biggest stages. I’ve had the privilege like so many others to eye these well oiled machines operate. Perfectly wired robots produce elegance and flair on a regular basis.

    We can’t always predict the future, we can’t do anything about the past. Relationships will come, friends will go, lives will be created and we will grieve with loss, but one thing in life will remain.

    We will continue on this flight of uncertainty week in week out , campaign after campaign we will be sharply poised for our time. Loyal to the burning passion in our chests, ready to embrace the day where we will witness our fairy tale become reality. Graceful in the joyous occasions, triumphant in victory!

    But until that day…

    We are Wednesday, blue and white Owls flying forward together."

    Follow me on Twitter @Ash19876


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