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31 December 1969

Owls Blog - Lord Hillsborough & Wednesdayites Abroad

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    Following up with his success on Twitter with over 700 followers, and now with his blogs becoming amongst the most popular on Wednesdayite.com Lord Hillsborough is back with his latest blog

    The Lord introduces us to some of his worldy friends this time out, mainly in the shape of the New York Owls supporters' group.


    Well it's that time of year again. The time when Lady H sends Jeeves down to the travel agents to pick up an abundance of brochures to decide where we shall visit this year.

    I truly despise going on holiday for one simple reason, NO FOOTBALL!!!

    Of course, I have informed Jeeves to only return with information on places where known Wednesdayites abide. Going without football is one thing, going without Owls is another.

    It has been rather a long stretch since all the Wednesdayites have been able to go on a beano abroad together. I long for the days when I can sing my Wednesday songs in a far away land without getting a clip from Lady H!

    "Jeeves," I asked "Where can I...errr...we find ourselves a good stock of Wednesdayites abroad to sooth my holiday blues?"

    "Why m'Lord, there are Wednesdayites spread far and wide all over the world" Jeeves replied.

    "From Melbourne to Madrid, Toronto to Tuscany Wednesdayites show their stripes"

    "My word Jeeves, it must be rather difficult to follow the Owls from such far flung places. I'd be very interested to find out how they manage" I pondered.

    "Well m'Lord, I'm sure if you extended an invitation to 'Twitter tea' to one of these Owls abroad, they would be happy to converse with you."

    "May I suggest Mr Patrick Jones m'Lord. A fine chap, native of Mexborough that has recently moved out to New York"

    "Rotherham Jeeves?" I asked.

    "No m'Lord, New York City, USA. Not the oddly named Rotherham ground"

    "Jolly good Jeeves!!! Invite the fellow and let’s discover how he gets on."

    Later on that day, the tweet box chirped and sure enough if was our New York Owl.

    "Hello there Mr Jones, 'How you doin'!"

    “Haha! I'm doin' good thanks, you want to be careful how you say that though, new yorkers might think you're getting fruity.”

    "Ding Dong! I shall bear that in mind, It's awfully good of you to agree to join us old chap."

    "So, New York eh! What enticed you to up sticks and move out their"

    “My wife's American, so we wanted to come over here and see her family some more. I was lucky enough to get a job in the same company I was in and they sorted out my Visa and a few other things.”

    "Very nice, and how have you found the Football in the states, is it getting any more popular?"

    “Definitely, since I've been here they've shown their first 2 Premier League games on a free to air US network, that’s like ITV getting a Premier League game rather than being on Sky Sports. There's even a channel called Fox Soccer plus which shows a lot of Championship games. That will be purchased next season I reckon ;) Quite a lot of Americans support a Premier League team as well as their local MLS team.”

    "And here is the big question, how easy is it for 'y'all' to follow our beloved club out there?"

    “Well it's quite hard to travel to the games...there’s not many shuttle buses to Hillsborough. But with a Wednesday Player subscription it's pretty easy to keep in touch and then see the highlights once they're up.”

    "Are you aware of any other New York Owls?"

    “Up until recently I had no idea there were so many, that's why I started the New York Owls Supporters' Club. 

    I've now met a few of them for the Blackpool game the other week and been in touch with a few more. I've been bowled over by the support from Wednesday fans all over the world, and without their help on Twitter, Facebook and general word of mouth I wouldn't have been able to find as many of us I have in such little time. The New York Owls Supporters' Group has only been going a couple of weeks remember! The general consensus amongst us is there are a lot more of New York Owls out there.”

    "So soon enough that city will be ours too eh!' And is our very own American hero John Harkes known to the American public?"

    "Oh yeah. John Harkes was a big American hero too, although he did get caught up in a John Terry-esq scandal after being caught in an extra marital affair with his US teammate Eric Wynalda. He's a friend of the bar I watch the games in actually, The Football Factory, they're going to try and get him in for a Q&A for us which would be fantastic :)"

    "That would be wonderful! I hope you'll let us know if it happens"

    "Jeeves tells me there are places named both Sheffield and Hillsborough in the State of New York. Have you started to conquer the place"

    "In New Jersey actually yeah, which is the state across the river from NYC. I was chatting to Brian (NJ resident and regular Football Heaven emailer) and said we should have a pilgrimage to Hillsborough, NJ one day to listen to the game on player. I want a photo in front of the road sign there in my Wednesday shirt."

    "Well thank you ever so for speaking with me Mr Jones. It has been an utter pleasure to make your acquaintance."

    "Thanks for the invite m'lord, one question for you though why does Jeeves where that dress?"

    "errr...he's bedding it in for Lady H, the old girl doesn't like to chafe"

    Should you be an American Owl, or would like to keep track of ex Owls out in the US please follow @NewYorkOwls on Twitter and on Facebook the NYC SWFC supporters' group is at www.facebook.com/nyswfc both presided over by Mr Jones!

    "Well that was a treat Jeeves, what a fine chap. Looks like it's New York for the hols this year then. I'd better start getting a grasp of the lingo"

    "Yo Jeeves! G'me a Sub n'a monster cwoffee"

    Well that's about it from Jeeves and I.

    Of course, after a rather disappointing run of form just recently concluding with a 0-1 defeat by Stevenage there is little I can report about the Football.

    JJ seems to have found his form just in time to see some of his team mates loose theirs. And with t'Classico looming let's hope Mr Megson give the lads a sharp kick in the botty to get them shifting again!

    All that remains is to thank you ever so much for joining me again and to remind you that your are more that welcome to contact Jeeves and I on Twitter at @ld_hillsborough.

    Chin up and keep singing Wednesdayites. The chaps need us more than ever at the moment so let's get right behind them!

    Lord Hillsborough
    Up The Owls!!!

    Follow me on Twitter @Ld_Hillsborough


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