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31 December 1969

Owls Blog - The Emotional Rollercoaster

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    After the week’s high and lows one of our new Owls Bloggers, Ann Barker, takes us through all of her emotions she’s experienced in the last 6 days. Ann is a teacher at an academy in Bradford and has always supported the mighty Owls. She has a commercial pilots licence, two Springer Spaniels who go wild if you say 'Sheffield Wednesday' and she loves Chris Waddle with all her heart.

    "After the announcement that Gary Megson had been sacked, I think it’s fair to say we have all been on an emotional rollercoaster. 

    No one likes change, it’s basic human nature and basic Wednesdayite nature that we should be absolutely gutted that yet another manager has left. But we should be welcoming with Dave Jones with our open blue and white arms. We should be excited, optimistic and looking forward to the championship next year, if only because we don’t have an option.

    I’m not going to bore you with science, but according to the Kubler Ross Grief Cycle there are seven stages we go through when given bad news, and seven emotions that I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling since I heard about Gary Megson.

    First we all experienced the shock stage, not after Sunday? surely he hasn’t really been sacked? (and did anyone else find out in the exact same minute that Sheffield United equalised against Scunthorpe?) Life can be so cruel sometimes.

    Then there’s the denial stage. Admittedly I must have checked every sports news internetpage I could find before finally realising it was true. In my panic I remember thinking how people are always making things up on twitter, the BBC coverage was vague which made me suspicious, and the Sky Sports report just didn’t ring true.

    When it did sink in I got to the anger stage, there were words unsuitable for this blog and I pretty much threw a Owlshulk type tantrum while the husband made a timely exit to pour me a well needed Gin and Tonic.

    After that comes the bargaining stage. This is when you try in vain to find a way out, even though you’re sat on a sofa in Leeds watching the ‘Kick an Ann while shes down’ Holland goals against England. I knew I couldn’t bargain, but it was vaguely comforting to see the #getmegsonback tweets, and desperate Facebook pleas to get him back.

    After these stages we reach the depression stage – final realisation of the inevitable. This is when we all moped at work on Thursday and those disappointing results, the easy goals from set pieces, the last minute goals etc had all been forgotten and no one could see a way forward without Gary Megson.

    The penultimate stage is called the testing stage, when we seek realistic solutions. Didn’t we all Google Dave Jones, Lee Clarke, Billy Davies any anyone else we could think of as if we all had some sort of decision to urgently make?

    The last stage is acceptance, which is where I am now at.

    Dave Jones is a brilliant manager – automatic promotion and League Cup semi finals with Stockport, Promotion with Wolves and an FA Cup final and a 47% win record over 16 years with Cardiff. These are exciting times at Hillsborough, our new DJ is going to get us promotion this year and we should all be looking forward to a really good (Championship) season next year.  Sunday showed us all the fight and passion that is at our amazing club and having a passionate and dedicated manager is only going to help us. It’s time to accept this decision and to start loving the DJ, let’s keep bouncing, singing our hearts out for the lads and get welcoming Dave Jones to his barmy army."



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