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31 December 1969

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2011/12 Issue #24

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  • It's the Wednesdayite Weekly - your usual Friday dose of all the news from Planet SWFC, Wednesdayite and the ramblings of Vice-Chair Eddie's brilliant mind...

    This issue's bulletpoints:

    • Milan Cleared
    • Derby Day Breakfast
    • Owls Blog
    • Away Coach Update

    All this, and a load of brilliant stuff about the fun we've had on Twitter this week!

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    There can be few Wednesdayites who weren't concerned by the sight of our Chairman in the dock at Crown Court over the last fortnight. With the scrutiny of the media adding to the heat in the case, at times many of us worried that the HMRC case would be upheld and Wednesday would be sent into limbo just at the point where we thought our troubles were behind us.

    Happily - and surely in large part due to the huge weight of evidence demonstrating Mr Mandarić to be an extremely passionate, caring and loyal man whose track record as well as character was beyond reproach - the HMRC cases were thrown out (and with them several million pounds of taxpayers' money wasted) with no obvious benefit to society other than to highlight the hypocrisy in chasing high-profile figures to make examples out of whilst allowing multinational corporations off millions in tax themselves.

    But enough ranting! The important thing is that Milan's name has been cleared and - as long as he's still got the spirit for the fight (and we're sure he has) - he's back 100% at the helm of the good ship SWFC, sailing her towards a fantastic end to the season and promotion in May.

    We at Wednesdayite are glad that things have turned out for the best - and for fear of continuing the growing bromance between Mr Mandarić and ourselves, that sentiment is as much about our Chairman as it is about our club! Welcome back Milan - now let's all work together to bring success back to SWFC this spring!



    The Steel City Derby is only a fortnight and a bit away, and with SYP making the kickoff 1pm as per usual, the Wednesdayite Lounge at the Niagara Club will be open to welcome members and their guests for a delicious Full English breakfast (full Scottish available for Wednesdayite member Jon Bagshaw if he insists) as well as all the matchday buildup!

    All Wednesdayite members are welcome for free as always - as are guests (Wednesday fans only please - no SUFC colours will be admitted) for the price of £1.

    If you want to take advantage of the delicious matchday breakfast then it requires pre-booking either online or at the Wednesdayite Lounge on Tuesday against Stevenage. Breakfast is £5.50 if paid for on the Wednesdayite website, and £6.00 if you reserve online or pay at the Lounge. No sales will be made on the day.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the award-winning* Wednesdayite Lounge on Derby day!

    *Best Lounge Run By Wednesdayite, Wednesdayite Awards 2011




    We welcome a new Owls Blogger to Wednesdayite.com and making his first appearance on our blogging pages is Ashley Howell.

    Ashley in currently sunning himself in Mexico whilst 2,000 of us were wrapping up warm in Blackpool, but without further ado it's over to Ashley on his debut as he reminisces of years gone by.

    "As I sit here staring gingerly into the oblivion of white brightness on the word processing screen in front of me, my aim is to produce a portfolio of popular pieces from the everyday football enthusiast.

    The smell of burnt coffee in the pot on the table next to me and the aroma of the two slices of charcoaled toast sat on the chipped porcelain plate are the only early morning inspiration I can draw upon. The butter quickly melts as fast as the realisation dawns upon me that probably only a select few will take the time to read my collection. The sense of success will come when I'm inundated with biased applause from close family and friends.

    Ironically, the noise I can hear produced from the white 1980′s retro feel Dre beats I have looped around my head arms me with all the inspiration I need to continue. The words of the terrace anthem I have become so familiar with follow: 'You're everywhere and nowhere baby, that's where your at, going down the bumpy hillside in your hippy hat." It immediately makes my body tingle, it gives me confidence and fills my fingertips with the wisdom to write...I am blue, I am white, an Owl haunted by the feelings and thoughts of hope and promise, waiting for our time to come around once again."



    Wednesdayite LogoAWAY COACH

    Our popular Away Coach service is the cheap, fun and hassle-free way to follow the Owls far and wide!

    And it's even cheaper for kids to travel! Wednesdayite Junior Members can save up to £4 per trip - that's got to be worth bringing the kids along to join in the away day fun...

    If you're a regular away traveller, how about volunteering to steward Wednesdayite coaches - as the service goes from strength to strength we need reliable, regular bodies to help things go as smoothly as possible - and there may even be little perks in it! Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you're interested.

    11th Feb Exeter City £27 £29
    18th Feb Chesterfield £7 £6
    3rd Mar Rochdale £12 £13
    17th Mar Notts County £12 £13
    24th Mar Leyton Orient £21 £23

    NB: Junior prices also available

    If demand is high enough we will book additional coaches, join the wait list for free to express your interest.

    For more details, to purchase tickets online or to find out about our other upcoming away trips, please click below! 


    alt Milan Cleared

    alt Derby Day Breakfast

    alt Owls Blog

    alt Away Coach Update


    Wednesday shook off a truly awful first half performance that saw the fans tucking into their pies a goal down to Yeovil at Fortress Hillsborough last Saturday, with Reda Johnson slamming the ball high into the net to win it late on after the resurgent Jermaine Johnson had scored yet another wonder goal to equalise for the Owls. The win saw Wednesday consolidate their hold on second spot with Huddersfield and the Blunts both victims of the weather (and in the Blades' case, victims of pretty much everything).

    However, the FA Cup replay against Championship Blackpool was not such a joyous occasion, as a respectable 10,000 crowd watched Wednesday capitulate early as the Seasiders ran out 3-0 winners. With Reda getting a yellow card that keeps him out of the next two matches (but back for the Derby!) and Gary Megson playing a virtual reserve side, the outcome was never in doubt and the Owls can concentrate on the League.


    This week saw Wednesdayite's over-6000 followers, as well as the massive SWFC online universe, go into overdrive with some Twitter-based frolics during the long hours between Wednesday matches.

    First up was the hashtag #OwlsSongsRewritten ByLawyers, which started with "The ownership of the city of Sheffield has been independently established as the property of #swfc" and ended up with the magificent "All playing jerseys shall be designated to Roland Nilsson, with the exception of number 9"., by which time the hashtag was trending in the UK and over 500 tweets on the subject had come to @wednesdayite!

    Then, the very next day, hashtag #ThingsIdRather BeThanABlade went viral too, with similar results - sadly we can't print too many of the responses!

    If the whole Twitter thing has passed you by then feel free to get a crash course from Wednesdayite supremos Rich (@dickyowl) and Eddie (@sausagearms) at the Lounge on a matchday - or alternatively just keep reading your Weekly, where we will highlight the best Tweets of the week!

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