31 December 1969

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2011/12 Issue #27

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  • It's the Wednesdayite Weekly - where FACT plus OPINION equals NEWS.

    This issue's bulletpoints:

    • Statement on Gary Megson
    • Shez's Derby Day blog
    • New Owls Blog From An Actual Lady
    • Away Coach Update

    All this, and a free Gary Megson wig for every reader! (only available in Uganda)

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    In light of the events of the last 24 hours at Hillsborough, the Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Society, Wednesdayite, respond to the sacking of SWFC manager Gary Megson.

    Vice-Chair Eddie Hoyland: "In his time at Hillsborough, Gary Megson has been a key part of the renewed unity between the fans, the players and the management of the club. He is one of us - an Owl through and through - and he clearly has the respect of his squad. Undeniably the fact that Gary is a Wednesdayite has made the decision to sack him harder to accept for fans - and we too feel the shock and disappointment they express.

    As fearful as fans are about the timing of the decision and how it will play out, we trust and hope that Mr Mandaric is as good as his word and has a plan to ensure that whoever succeeds Mr Megson can significantly improve on his predecessor - the proof of the pudding will be in whether we are playing Championship football next season.

    In the meantime, Wednesdayite would like to extend the hand of friendship and thanks to Gary Megson, a manager who helped many, many fans fall back in love with Sheffield Wednesday. His pride, passion and love for SWFC matches our own and he will always be remembered fondly by Owls fans. Thank you Gary."

    Chair Nigel Short: "Mr Mandaric is an experienced Chairman and Paul Aldridge is an experienced CEO. They will not have taken the decision lightly or without a plan. The saddening thing is that Gary is also an experienced football man and we now have to face the next 13 games with an unknown quantity at the helm.

    However it was becoming clear through Gary's recent press statements that there were problems developing in his relationship with the clubs hierarchy. A team is a team - and a football management team includes the Chairman and CEO of the club. If the three main players at the club can no longer work together then someone will make way. Clearly that was always going to be Gary - and we now have to place our faith in the Chairman to appoint the man he believes will move us forward.

    Irrespective of recent events, we call on all Wednesday fans to continue to support the team through this vital final quarter of the season. It is imperative that SWFC complete the job and celebrate promotion in May, and the support of the fans is key to this aim."



    For the 2011-12 season we welcome a brand new match blogger to Wednesdayite.com who will be blogging on all of the Owls home games throughout the season.  

    For the Owls v Sheffield United League One game at Hillsborough on Sunday February 26th 2012, Sheridan Scott (Shez) reports back with his view of the game.

    "Today we welcomed visitors Sheffield United for the 126th Sheffield derby.

    It's was make or break for the Owls as we looked to get back in the hunt for automatic promotion.

    Sheffield United went into the game with much better form but form counts for nothing in the Sheffield derby - the biggest derby in the UK by a country mile.

    The first half started with neither side being able to gain control of the match as the 36,000+ fans got Hillsborough rocking in fantastic voice with the travelling Blunts quiet as usual."




    In what's becoming a regular thing, thanks to the brilliant enthusiasm of Owls fans, we welcome yet another new Owls Blogger to Wednesdayite.com - Ann Barker.

    Ann is a teacher at an academy in Bradford and has always supported the mighty Owls. She has a commercial pilots licence, two Springer Spaniels who go wild if you say 'Sheffield Wednesday' and she loves Chris Waddle with all her heart.

    "I'm not nervous about Sundays game, in fact I'm quite confident that we will win. I stopped being nervous earlier this week whilst looking at the league table and this weekend fixtures. It suddenly occurred to me that I don't need to be nervous because I'm going to make us win.

    Some call it being superstitious but I do actually control Sheffield Wednesday and I have already started the ball rolling to ensure we win.

    I quite often see magpies on the way to work, obviously I salute them and tell them where I'm going but it still gives a sense of uneasiness. Not this week though. This week I have tried my best to stop using my peripheral vision when driving so that I won't have to see these symbols of potential defeat on Sunday. I do not advocate this, it is dangerous and stupid, but sometimes you have to take one for the team.

    The good news is I have managed to avoid seeing these birds so far, and that has made me start to feel a little bit confident."




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     Megson Statement

     Shez's Match Blog

     New Fan Blog

     Away Coach Update



    Owls around the world were still buzzing from the glorious sight of Chris O'Grady making a beeline for the SWFC bench as Jose Semedo sank to his knees and gave thanks to the Owl Gods...when on Wednesday it all kind of imploded.

    With England looking solid against the Dutch, the Blunts losing at home to Scunthorpe and a delicious 13" meat feast pizza on the way, we were all enjoying the evening (I accept that the pizza is interchangeable - it would be weird if we were ALL feasting on one of those, not to mention mathematically unlikely).

    And then, in the space of about twenty-six minutes, it all went a bit shocking. First the unclean got an equaliser. Then England went 2-0 down in the blink of an eye. Then Scunny's best-named player Sam Togwell got sent off. Then news filtered out that Meggo was gone. Then those scumbags got a winner.

    A lesser man than me might not have even finished his pizza. But that notwithstanding, the rest of the night and the following day was a bit of a blur. Like many Owls fans, I went through all the stages of emotion - disbelief, anger, more anger, denial, acceptance and then finally something approaching rational thought in order to pen the statement to your left.

    At the end of the day (FOOTBALL CLICHE KLAXON), there is one thing more important than any single Chairman, manager or player - and that's finishing off this season with promotion. I'll be at Rochdale tomorrow and I'll be roaring the lads onto victory. Let's not let this season go out with a whimper - we want the opportunity to smash the Blunts again next time out!


    In the carnage of the Megson fallout it's easy to forget how Sunday felt. It brought a tear to your eye to see Hillsborough full to bursting, with an electricity in the air that rivalled that incredible night against Kaiserslautern in 1992.

    From my position at pitchside as we deployed the Big Flag (which looked INCREDIBLE being hoisted over a packed-full Kop), the chorus of Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday was deafening and literally brought tears of pride to my eyes.

    Although the first half was pretty even, the Pigs - both players and fans - didn't turn up for the second at all, and were silenced once and for all as COG's pinpoint header sent three sides of the ground into absolute Wednesday wonderland.

    The celebrations from players and staff at the final whistle will live long in the memory - as will the whole day. Let's remember that forever, and not let it be clouded by the events of three days later.

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