31 December 1969

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2011/12 Issue #31

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  • The Wednesdayite Weekly: Every Friday, we force you to listen to what we have to say.

    Highlights this time out:

    • Bring On The Terriers - Eddie ranting again. He'll stop soon.
    • Shirts To Rwanda - Building the SWFC name in Africa
    • Rory's Blog - Full of jellied eels and pearly queens
    • Away Coach Update

    All this, and an absolutely brilliant nickname for Ched Evans!

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    Well, the weekend is here and with it comes two crucial games for SWFC, including one that must rank as one of the toughest tests we'll face all season.

    I'm no historian (or theologian), but I'm pretty sure that there hasn't been a more crucial Easter since Biblical times - and to be brutally honest, if the next two games see the Owls crucified, it's a long shot that we could rise again to salvage our season.

    There'll be over three thousand Wednesdayites descending on the Galpharm tomorrow intent on doing their bit to ensure that we can all tuck into our Easter eggs the next day with Town well and truly finished off, and the noises coming out of S6 this week indicate clearly that the team are approaching the game with just as much passion and determination.

    Of course, typical Wednesday form would be to put Huddersfield to the sword and then flop at home to Oldham, but Dave Jones and his team know that there really is no margin for error now - back to back wins will in all likelihood still see us trailing the Blunts, and dropping points could be the knockout blow to our hopes of automatic - so it's win at all costs time.

    Personally, I'm confident. There isn't a squad that can match ours in this division right now, and the welcome return to goalscoring form of the Washing Machine has wiped out the single advantage the Pigs had over us in recent months - the wonderfully-named on Owlstalk Sir Tom Knickerbockerglory's rampant scoring form. If Ched drops off even a tad, they've got precious little else to push them over the line - so we've got to keep steamrollering and wait for the slip up.

    So bring on the Unbeatables of Huddersfield, now in their 748th game without loss (playoff finals, games on a Saturday and 2-0 scorelines don't count) - and let's roar the lads on to claiming OUR promotion spot. UP THE OWLS!



    You may remember last year we collected old Wednesday shirts of behalf of Owls fan Mark Lomas and we collected 71 shirts for him to take on his trip to Goa, for distribution to locals there.

    Well we have recently being contacted by another Owls fan, and Wednesdayite member, Paul Freer to do the same again for his trip to Rwanda in April of this year. Paul intends to go out and take as many Owls shirts as possible with him. We will therefore we collecting shirts at the Owls v Carlisle United game at Hillsborough on the 21st April 2012.

    Paul takes up the story…"Last year I became involved with some charitable projects in Rwanda and visited the country twice. Volunteers collected enough items to fill a 40ft container which was sent. These items were distributed to a number of projects, including the one I have taken particular interest in, "Les Enfants de Dieu" (Children of God). This centre accomodates over 120 'street boys' aged from 4 to 18. They were homeless and on the streets due to various causes, including orphans, runaways and children not wanted by their families.

    They are all there voluntarily and can leave at their own will. Rafiki, the 'manager' and the staff do a magnificent job on very limited resources. Boys take it in turn to get up at 4.00am to get the cooking fires going to make the breakfast porridge. All the boys receive education, either at local schools, which has to be paid for, or in one of the 3 classrooms at the centre. I was able to put mosquito netting at the windows last time I was there. The boys generally have to sleep 2 to a single bed, but we are trying to raise money to buy more beds and mattresses.

    Anyway, I would love to see the boys in the blue and white shirts of our heroes. They seem to only have heard of teams from London, Manchester and Merseyside. I want to expand their knowledge and show them where the true passion of football lies. The boys have to make do with old clothing, except for their school uniforms. Wouldn't it be great to see them walking and riding in the locality wearing the Owls kit. Please help if you can and let me have any old Wednesday shirts to take with me when I go in April. And remember, when you have nothing, anything is better."

    I think it's clear from Paul's compelling story that this is a worthwhile cause and therefore we're throwing our full weight behind it - so dig out those old Wednesday shirts and get them to us either at the Wednesdayite Lounge or the Wednesdayite Car Park on the day of the Carlisle game - the 21st April.

    Thanks for helping us and Paul to spread the Wednesday word worldwide!





    As the season enters the business end firmly now one of our regular Owls Blogger Rory McAllister, The Southern Owl, brings us his April blog.

    Rory, from 'darn sarf', follows the Owls the length and breadth of the country and is hoping the season ends on a high note whether that be at the beginning of May or at the end of May.

    "Dear Wednesdayites! Could it really happen? Could we really achieve automatic promotion? Well, a few things need to happen. First, we need to beat Huddersfield on Saturday (at time of press!) and The Blades need to slip up somewhere. Having studied The Blades fixture list, and ours, I can't quite tell where their slip up could happen, on the last day of the season, perhaps? For the final fixture on 5th May The Blades are away to Exeter, a ground we've struggled at (5-1 anyone?!) meanwhile, we're at home to Wycombe.

    Thing is, the last thing we need is Wycombe scrapping to stay up. We could do with them slumping in, or pulling clear of the relegation zone – both are unlikely though! Ahhhh, the life of a Wednesdayite – constantly living on the verge of a heart attack worrying about your own team's results as well as hoping other results go in your favour. Why can't we just 'do a Charlton' and pull clear? Well, we wouldn't be Wednesday then, would we?!

    This week, 3rd April, marked the 19th anniversary of the all-Sheffield Wembley semi-final. I don't need to bang on about how much I love Chris Waddle, and his free-kick that day, as anyone who's a regular to this blog with know about the Waddle worship that occurs here. 19 years though. Amazing, huh? 1992-1993, it was a great season if you liked trips to north-west London and cup final losses. And defenders becoming overnight strikers (Warhurst anyone?). And Wednesday having the best midfield they've ever had. At least we had a half-decent finish in the first season of the Premier League, mind. The point is, I wonder if this season will become an 'anniversary'?

    We've only lost twice at Hillsborough this season (at time of press) and our time away from home hasn't been too bad, which reflects our position in the league I suppose. Dave Jones hasn't lost as our manager (at time of press) and our recent performances have looked solid. If you were at Leyton Orient, we could've won 33-0. We didn't though. We're Wednesday, after all. Just a scraping 1-0 will do. 3 points, a win's a win, cliché cliché etc etc. Reda. What a player! Love him!"




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     Eddie Blathers On

     Shirts to Rwanda

     Rory's Blog

     Away Coach Update



    Since we last got together, the Owls have filed back-to-back wins - both of them being played before the corresponding match for our irritating younger siblings over the city. The pressure on Agent Wilson's men was therefore there both times, but thanks to their affectionate hitman Ched Evans and more than a couple of dodgy decisions from officials, the Pigs managed to match our results and maintain the two point gap between our two sides.

    It may look concerning, with them having (on paper at least) a much easier run-in than us, but every football fan in Sheffield knows which team have the tendency to press the self-destruct button in hilarious fashion, and so the stage is set for a grandstand finale to the season - we're not out of it yet...


    It's often seen as more of a curse than a blessing, but yesterday saw new gaffer Dave Jones snap up the MOTM trophy in his first month in charge at S6 - not surprising really given the five wins and a draw in the bank since he took over.

    There's no chance of DJ resting on his laurels - but I for one will be doing a rain dance and sticking pins in effigies of Simon Grayson just to be sure...

    Well done Dave from everyone at Wednesdayite - well deserved...now make sure you're MOTM for April and May too!

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