31 December 1969

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2013/14 Issue #2

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  • The Wednesdayite Weekly: Believe it or not, we're writing this from over 2000 miles away...

    Ahead of our first home game of the season:

    ➤ Eddie talks Turkey
    ➤ Trev's new print for SMILE!
    ➤ Membership for the season
    ➤ Pour Some Away Coach On Me

    All this, and no more boring League Cup to worry about this season...



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    It seems to me that there's a traditional Wednesday way to begin a new campaign: Build up a nice head of steam in preseason, see players gelling into an effective, fit unit, launch new kits to much fanfare, then go a bit flat in the opening game, and then go out of the League Cup early on, preferably losing a player to injury or suspension.

    Well, I'm pleased to report that we've had a textbook SWFC start to the season. Unlike some of our more -ahem - cranially challenged on Twitter and the online forums, however, I'm still riding that early season wave of optimism because I've seen enough positives to show that the current haul of zero points and zero wins isn't a fair reflection on the team, the squad or the season to come.

    The quality of Atty Noo-he-oo's run and shot for his goal against what turned out to be a very impressive QPR side suggests good things to come from the big man up top, and the general attacking flair that the Owls have displayed - albeit patchily - is evident that we're looking to be a much more exciting and fluid team this time out than last.

    So we come to the big Hillsborough curtain-raiser of the season in need of a strong performance and certainly a winning result - which is handy, because we can always count on a large, vociferous backing in our first home game of the season. So roll on down to S6 early doors, get into the club shop and get your new 'Everton shirt being pulled out of a Tesco carrier bag' home kit, and then get ready to be that proverbial twelfth man to drive the team to triumph over Burnley.

    I've been on a football fact-finding mission (read: holiday) to Turkey for the last ten days, and I can report back two salient facts:

    • #1: SWFC are not losing a single penny of merchandising income to knock-off football shirt vendors who appear to make up over 80% of Turkey's total economic activity. Therefore, I bought my son Dortmund, PSG and AC Milan kits in my attempt to narrow the gap between us and Europe's finest sides.
    • #2: Everybody - even weird Turkish guys who try to explain repeatedly that their local club, Antalyaspor, is 'same as Middlesbrough' - have heard of Sheffield Wednesday. Sadly, they've also heard of our plight over the last fifteen years or so, and so I've had my fair share of apologies for being a fan too. Still, I now know the Turkish for massive...

    In any case, I'm running on three hours' sleep and I still have the Football League Show from last week to catch up on, so I'll take my leave now. See you on the Kop with the Big Flag tomorrow.

    Up the Owls!

    Eddie Hoyland


    Last season, Wednesdayite member and all-round local hero Trev painted an evocative and lovingly-rendered view of Hillsborough, which we turned into prints and sold in their hundreds to raise over £3500 for our SMILE scheme, which for the last five years has given free match tickets to deserving Owls from all walks of life and with all stories to tell.

    Well, this season, Trev's outdone himself. You might have seen it on Owlstalk, but in the flesh it's trult beautiful, and happily you can now own a print of Trev's incredible latest painting of Hillsborough to hang in your home!

    The latest work, entitled DAD, DAD IT'S BLOOMING MASSIVE DAD shows a young lad's first view of the Stadium as he walks down Herries Road and the stadium becomes visible through the Five Arches railway bridge.

    I can't imagine how many Wednesdayites remember that first glimpse of the stadium on their first visit to the hallowed ground, but I know that my memories of my first game at S6 will be forever connected with seeing the back of what seemed to be an endless, mammoth Kop through those railway arches.

    So dig deep - because for only a tenner (plus postage), you can have your own reminder of how magical and special it is to see the Owls for the first time...and at the same time give deserving fans that same experience!

    There is a limited print run of only 300 - so ensure you get yours and avoid disappointment!



    Wednesdayite memberships for the new season are going quickly, with new members almost as numerous as renewals in our daily reports out of Wednesdayite HQ.

    We think this is going to be a great season to be an Owl, and for every Owl a Wednesdayite membership is well worth the £10 it costs...


    • Save £1 Per Match In The Wednesdayite Car Park
    • Save £2 Per Trip On The Wednesdayite Away Coach
    • Free Entry To Exclusive Members-Only Meetings 
    • Save A Minimum £1 Per Ticket To Wednesdayite Events
    • Free Entry To Our Match Day Lounge @ Niagara
    • Save 10% On Official SWFC Events At Hillsborough
    • Exclusive McDonald's Hillsborough Privilege Card
    • £2 Per Member Donated To The SWFC Community Programme
    • £2 Per Member Donated To our SMILE Tickets Scheme
    • Your Chance To Go To The SWFC Christmas Party As Guest Of Miguel Llera



    Every Wednesdayite member is entitled to all of the above, and much much more! Your membership pack will contain your 2013/14 membership card, as well as a Wednesdayite keyring, a pin badge to commemorate the season and an official Wednesdayite card holder with space for both your Wednesdayite membership card and your SWFC season ticket (or your McDonalds privilege card if you don't have a season ticket!).

    Furthermore, you will get first choice on all manner of events, offers and exclusive discounts throughout the season - watch this space!




    Our Wednesdayite Away Coach service goes from strength to strength as the Owls establish themselves in the Championship again. Any Wednesdayite who has followed the boys away from home knows that the atmosphere and passion of Wednesday's away following is second to none - and our Wednesdayite Away Coach is the perfect way to ensure that you're a part of it!

    We only use luxury coaches - we take as many as five to each match - so you can travel in comfort, a selection of food and soft drinks to keep energy levels high and raffles and quizzes to help pass the time. All of this and at very reasonable prices too - you'll struggle to get to the match and back for less!

    It is also a great way to meet other Wednesdayite members and SWFC supporters - we also offer places to non-members, at a slight extra cost - members save on average over £2 per trip!

    With pick-up points not only at the Wednesdayite Car Park, but also at conveniently-located spots near Sheffield's M1 junctions, it's convenient, family-friendly and fun for all.


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    Okay, I know it's a local derby that means everything to the Junior Blades of Toytown and they now won't shut up about it. And I know that a good Cup run is not only a money-spinner but also helps a team gel early in the season. But I'm struggling to get too upset about the Owls' exit from the League Cup at the hands of Rovrum.

    With a rabid home crowd behind them and a clear desire to test themselves against their bigger rivals, as well as an evident reluctance from our players to go in too hard and risk injury before the season had really got going, it was set up for an upset from the off. I'd look at is as another valuable runout for a mostly-first-choice team, another 90 minutes for new defensive pairing Gardner and Zayatte to renew acquaintance, and a great look at Rhys McCabe's prowess from set-pieces, which will be valuable this season.

    If there is a disappointment, it's JJ's senseless dismissal which will cost us his services - but I'm sure Dave Jones has made his views plain on that one!


    The Owls fans seem to have been bitten by the continental football bug at the moment, as the presence of flares and smoke in amongst the MASSIVE attests - I think the impressive sight of the Rangers fans doing the same thing, as well as the balmy summer weather must have a section of our lads dreaming of European nights once again...

    ...nevertheless, the club have released a statement announcing the arrest of two fans for letting off a bit of colour against QPR on Saturday, and it's clear that they're going to clamp down on such activities. So if you were thinking of joining the son et lumiere party, I'd suggest you think again, lest you end up following all the Owls matches on Soccer Saturday from now on.

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