31 December 1969

Wednesdayite Weekly - 2013/14 Issue #3

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  • The Wednesdayite Weekly: Ten years...I'd have got less for a bank job...

    This week's treats in store for you, lucky reader:

    ➤ Eddie likes the edge of a local derby
    ➤ Keep on buy's Trev's SMILE prints please
    ➤ A great blog about Twitter and SWFC
    ➤ He Ain't Heavy, He's My Away Coach




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    I don't miss them. I couldn't be happier that they're stuck in League One, with no money and their best player just sold to one of their rivals. The events of the last five years -in fact, make that pretty much the last eighty years - couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch.

    But there's always something missing from a season where we don't have a Sheffield Derby, isn't there? I can't put my finger on it, and to be honest I'm always a wreck on derby day, but no matter what's on the line, you can't replace the pure visceral adrenaline rush...and you just don't get it against Brighton, or Blackburn.

    So it's good that we've got a sort of replacement in the form of Dirty Leeds. Now, I've never found it in myself to hate Leeds United, but I certainly dislike the club, and I don't have a lot of time for their fans either, who seem to revel in the 'bad boy' image that events like the disgraceful attack on Chris Kirkland last season have given them. So I'm up for this one.

    More importantly, the team should be as well. Elland Road is never an easy place to take points from, and to my mind, this Leeds side is an improvement on the one that beat us 2-1 in Brian 'Humpty Dumpty' McDermott's first game in charge at LUFC. At the same time, Dave Jones and the boys must be feeling pretty aggrieved that a combination of poor decisions and sloppy individual moments have seen us finish with two defeats instead of what could easily have been maximum points. They've got a point to prove - and where better to do it than right in the back yard of the other traditional Yorkshire football powerhouse?

    Rumours are that there's every chance Buxton and Reda will be ready to return to the side, which - even if they're not quite match-sharp - is a real bonus. And I for one am really looking forward to seeing whether Atdhe Nuhiu can continue to grow into his role after two very encouraging performances so far. I'm really impressed with the big man, who seems capable of doing what you'd expect very well (physical domination of defenders, winning headers) but also of some things that were a surprise to me (laying off the ball well, bringing other players into play, creating chances through more than just his size). I think he could be a real diamond.

    Right, it's a short Eddietorial this week as it's my tenth wedding anniversary today (I decided to get married so I didn't have to watch Jon Beswetherick, Dean Smith and twins Brian and Barry Murphy embarass the formerly good name of Sheffield Wednesday FC). So I'm taking the long-suffering Mrs H out for a slap-up meal and if she's lucky a bunch of flowers from the 24 hour garage to show her how fond of her I am.

    A reminder to all fans - thanks to the generosity of Rupert Murdoch (in no way a self-serving gesture to stick one on BT Sport's big launch), even those of you without Sky Sports can watch the Owls live - Freeview owners simply need to tune to Channel 11 'Pick TV', which will become Sky Sports 1 for the weekend - at no charge! Enjoy the match, and...

    Up the Owls!

    Eddie Hoyland


    Last season, Wednesdayite member and all-round local hero Trev painted an evocative and lovingly-rendered view of Hillsborough, which we turned into prints and sold in their hundreds to raise over £3500 for our SMILE scheme, which for the last five years has given free match tickets to deserving Owls from all walks of life and with all stories to tell.

    Well, this season, Trev's outdone himself. You might have seen it on Owlstalk, but in the flesh it's trult beautiful, and happily you can now own a print of Trev's incredible latest painting of Hillsborough to hang in your home!

    The latest work, entitled DAD, DAD IT'S BLOOMING MASSIVE DAD shows a young lad's first view of the Stadium as he walks down Herries Road and the stadium becomes visible through the Five Arches railway bridge.

    I can't imagine how many Wednesdayites remember that first glimpse of the stadium on their first visit to the hallowed ground, but I know that my memories of my first game at S6 will be forever connected with seeing the back of what seemed to be an endless, mammoth Kop through those railway arches.

    So dig deep - because for only a tenner (plus postage), you can have your own reminder of how magical and special it is to see the Owls for the first time...and at the same time give deserving fans that same experience!

    There is a limited print run of only 300 - so ensure you get yours and avoid disappointment!



    Richard Brook returns to Wednesdayite.com for another insightful and interesting blog - this time on SWFC's relationship with the Twitterverse. Richard is a freelance football writer who contributes to our official matchday programme as well as for magazines like Shoot! and World Soccer. He has been an Owl since the age of two and splits his love of Wednesday with that for his wife and three children.

    "Wednesday manager Dave Jones has made known on several occasions his stance on social media networks, regarding them as the “scourge of football”. The Owls boss made the comments seemingly in relation to the information his own players were posting on sites such as twitter. It is easy to appreciate Jones frustration as, last season, former loan striker Jay Bothroyd insulted the club’s fans, Reda Johnson released information about his fitness, and more recently a video emerged from the team hotel that showed more of one player than I had any need to see.

    Notwithstanding the above, I still believe social networks can be useful, within professional football. Level headed professionals who engage fans sensibly and importantly know the kind of comment to avoid responding to, further their own personal fan base and the image of the club, at least amongst its own supporters. While they are no longer Wednesday players, Chris Lines, Richard O’Donnell and Ryan Lowe certainly fit that mould, and came over as some of the nice guys of football. Jermaine Johnson took to twitter to issue a swift apology for the moment of madness that led to his sending off, in the recent League Cup defeat to Rotherham.

    As a Wednesday fan, and more generally a football fan – as this issue is not specific to the club – it is not the players’ use of social media networks that concerns me most it is my fellow supporters.

    In the digital age football fans have unprecedented access to the players online. Almost as soon as the players are off the pitch one or more of them will take to twitter and post something about the game and is likely to draw a reply from some fans. Of course everyone linked to a football club will hope that such conversation will take the form of a celebration between fan and player. However, if the result or performance has been less favourable the interaction can be more fractious.

    I would never suggest that footballers should be immune from criticism but there are fairer more traditional ways to express it than the faceless medium of the internet. I for one would not like to get home from my day job to find my own twitter clogged up with work customers, telling me how badly I had done my job that day.

    The concern is the impact that such criticism might have on younger players at the club. After every defeat certain players’ timelines are awash with criticism and abuse – two words which have separate and distinct meanings. Most clubs will introduce youngsters with a few games in the team and few games out of the team here and there to attempt to shield them, few teams have the luxury of doing this into a side more or less guaranteed of success regardless. As such the confidence of young footballer’s, especially those playing for clubs that attract sizeable crowds, can be fragile."




    Our Wednesdayite Away Coach service goes from strength to strength as the Owls establish themselves in the Championship again. Any Wednesdayite who has followed the boys away from home knows that the atmosphere and passion of Wednesday's away following is second to none - and our Wednesdayite Away Coach is the perfect way to ensure that you're a part of it!

    We only use luxury coaches - we take as many as five to each match - so you can travel in comfort, a selection of food and soft drinks to keep energy levels high and raffles and quizzes to help pass the time. All of this and at very reasonable prices too - you'll struggle to get to the match and back for less!

    It is also a great way to meet other Wednesdayite members and SWFC supporters - we also offer places to non-members, at a slight extra cost - members save on average over £2 per trip!

    With pick-up points not only at the Wednesdayite Car Park, but also at conveniently-located spots near Sheffield's M1 junctions, it's convenient, family-friendly and fun for all.


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    Well, that wasn't quite what we were expecting. An optimistic Hillsborough crowd were enjoying the first half hour of the opening home game of the season with the Owls looking comfortable and stroking the ball around confidently. But then, in the blink of an eye, it all went horribly wrong, as two identikit crosses from two identikit mistakes saw the visitors build a lead that proved unassailable.

    It was poor luck for Dave Jones and his squad, ravaged by injuries to all four first choice fullbacks, but the table doesn't lie and the Owls are now already needing to make up ground. With matches against some of the more unheralded teams in the division coming up it's hardly time to panic - but we need to start picking up points as soon as possible if it's not going to be another relegation fight.


    In much happier news, the rebirth of the SWFC Academy continued this week with the announcement that Wednesday legend and goalscoring hero Mark Crossley has returned to the Owls to become goalkeeping coach to the Wednesday youngsters.

    Welcome back Mark, and if you ever fancy pulling on the Number 9 shirt, I'm sure we could do much worse than stick you in the side up top :)

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