Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Richard Davies leaves the Wednesdayite Board

The board of Wednesdayite have received notice from Richard Davies that he is standing down from being a Wednesdayite director.

The board wishes to place on record their sincere thanks to Richard for all his hard work over the past four years and hope he continues to be involved on a volunteer level and to keep in touch with the many friends he has made with the board and it's members.

We are still in need of help in the organisation and we appeal to any member who either wants to join the board or volunteer to assist in in any area to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Statement from Richard:

Due to personal and family reasons I will be standing down as a director of Wednesdayite with immediate effect.

When I was elected onto the board in 2009 my manifesto was that I wanted to ‘give something back’ to the club I love. I never imagined what a time this would be for me and I like to think during my time I’ve given a little bit back. It’s been a roller coaster at times but the positives far outweigh the negatives and along the way, with current and former members of the board, we have made great strides in turning Wednesdayite into a society, club even, that SWFC fans wanted.

Wednesdayite has allowed me to ‘flower’ and I’ve met some fantastic people and made many many acquaintances. Some of those people have turned into friends and some very close friends who will remain in my life for a long time hopefully, people like Nigel Short, Eddie & Laura Hoyland, Peter Shaw, John Gath, Paul Holmes, Darryl Keys, Irma Kennedy, James Hargreaves and Helen Hudson to name a few whom I served with during my time on the board.

There are also people who weren’t on the Wednesdayite board, that I can now call friends, and that I met all because of my work with the society. A few that spring to mind are Rory McAllister, Luigi Di Micheli, Daniel Slaney, Jamie Geeker (even Steve Basford) and getting to personally know my childhood SWFC hero David Hirst was a highlight!

And then there are some that I might just leave it at ‘hello’ – that’s if they actually notice me!

Another personal highlight for me was increasing Wednesdayite Twitter followers from 1,500 to nearly 13,000, as it stands today, and with the help of Eddie, Paul and Marc Duffy Wednesdayite have more followers than some Championship clubs now, showing how popular our Tweets have become even if you don’t agree with all of them.

I’ll remain as a volunteer and will help when and where I can. Right now Wednesdayite need volunteers to help them complete their work both on a match day in the car park, the lounge, the coach and SMILE tickets and on non-match days too, so please do get in touch with them if you feel you have the desire and something to offer!

To end I’d like to thank everyone who I’ve come across during my time with Wednesdayite for their help, their support and their constructive criticisms (good and bad) and for now I look forward to being ‘just a fan’ again on match days.

It’s been a pleasure – WAWAW!


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