Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Takeover - Thank you Milan , Welcome Hafiz!

I have just got back from France where I had very limited internet so my apologise for the delay in issuing this statement..... No I wasn't visiting RC Lens.......... or trying to find Mr Hulley!

I knew something was kicking off on Tuesday when I got 20 missed calls from unknown numbers (the majority turned out to be press, following google searches of the numbers), I choose not to return these as I had no information, so for those of you who think we chase the press please think again.

Now is a time for fans to unify and look forward to the new season.



We should all be thanking Milan for rescuing the club and making it a saleable asset, just a shame he could not take us to the promised land and enjoy the success with us he richly deserves. I for one hope he keeps involved in SWFC, if only as a supporter, he is a very wise man who has achieved a lot in is time here. My thoughts were always "In Milan we trust", I fought hard to try to give a balanced view and allay fears from other supporters, I trusted Milan and Paulk Aldridge to get it right.

WE should NOW all be welcoming Hafiz Mammadov to the club and hope he can build on the platform created by Milan, he has the track record in helping take clubs to the top.

We should all be celebrating and popping the champagne corks and looking forward to the new season.

"Azerbaijan Land of Fire" !!

The championship is not a level playing field and the Financial Fair Play rules do not help us against the parachute payment clubs, but I am sure Hafiz has his plan to achieve the success that the club richly deserves given how great our supporters are, and I am sure we will all back him and allow him to make the right decisions for Sheffield Wednesday.

Paul Holmes


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